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Haqqani Network and Pakistan

Afghanistan’s most experienced and sophisticated insurgent organization “Haqqanis Network” was debated as to take in the backing of elements of the Pakistani security establishment. It is also believed that North Waziristan is the safe haven for haqqanis as they have their groups in Pakistan, including their Quetta Shura Taliban head by “Mulla Omer” as per western reports but Pakistan from start rejects this thinking. Haqqanis has a short history started from disintegration of Russia in 1990.

After the formation of haqqanis, the phenomenon of “Good Taliban” has prevailed, which served Pakistanis interests but those were actually American interests had label on them of Pakistani interests. Since Afghanistan being separated from central Asian nations, it has never relished the taste of full independence country. US placed its own puppet government over there. Now US on the edge to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, this situation pose many questions related regional security, most assurgent question is who will fill the vacuum one’s US left the region?? Haqqanis are also from them who waited for this moment for so long.

Today when US declared to move back its forces from Afghanistan, post 2014 scenario brings several implications for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Although Pakistan has never be harm towards haqqanis but it does not mean that Pakistan fully supported them. Pakistan was not against them because they never harm Pakistan. Western media is in an effort to malign Pakistan army full support to the Haqqani network, which is not reliable, since Pakistan Military forces announced a full fledge operation against the TTP and terrorism by name of “ZarbEazb”. After ZarbEazb has started as its objective is complete elimination of terrorist and terrorism from Pakistan, many questions about with relationship to the security forces with became the headlines of international media.

Recently ex-chief of CIA placed a statement against Pakistan that militants are hiding in different cities. He further said that Taliban and Al Qaeda militants are hiding not only in tribal areas but also in Pakistani cities.  This is the same CIA which used to provide assistant to these haqqanis through Pakistan against Russia in past.  Pakistan security forces announced clearly Pakistan is against every type of terrorism and Operation Zarb E azb will not distinguish between haqqanis and TTP.  It is also the fact that many off foreign militants join haqqanis, like Uzbeks, Tajiks. When we have a look on to the progress of ZarbeAzb we will find that Pakistan Forces fight without distinguishing foreign and local militants and also include the militants of haqqanis. We all know foreign militants have been killed by Pakistan security forces.Pakistan Army in their statements mentions this thing, but it seems western world is more interested in making fake affiliation of haqqanis with Pakistan forces.  Still asking the question whether Pakistan military is supporting haqqanis is a baseless story nothing else. Pakistan is against every element of terrorism!!

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