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Azaadi Phobia in August

As the month of August arrives, everything narrates a tale of Independence and Azaadi(Freedom), unfortunately the passion that ignites for the noble cause lasts only for that one month and we deceive ourselves by cuddling our heart  to national songs and wrapping ourselves with sacred green.

Every year with the independence month on cards, each person from every walk of life brags about azaadi, about being blessed to be in and from a free country. Furthermore, the noble minds Jinnah and Iqbal are being discussed so widely that anybody overlooking would feel that these great two men are the ideals of this free society. Yes, they are the ideals and heroes of Pakistan but in practical terms Pakistanis have just hanged their portraits on the wall, stuffed them in the shelves; its only the month of independence that these two great men get a chance to be discussed freely with complete azaadi.

In reality, regardless of being free in a so called independent country which survives on foreign loans and remittances; we hardly give our minds a chance to think independently, our thoughts to thrive with azaadi, our words to be uttered freely. The Pakistan I see today is deprived of all this, the minds are chained, the thoughts are imposed and the words are naïve; whereas in the month of August no stone is left unturned in praising and applauding the thoughts and aspirations of the great poet.

Not to underestimate that free thoughts are extinct in Pakistan, but they come with a heavy price and the heaviest is at the cost of life. Any spoken word or action which does not cater to a bigger audience is shunned, even though if it comes from an influential person. What would a common man or a poor weak complain living in a free country strived by Jinnah? The poor farmer has no azadi to ask his landlord why he was made to do extra work without any pay. The girl has no azadi to question her parents why her marriage is being fixed to a specific person.

The misery of helplessness doesn’t knock at the doors of the weak only; the handsome anchor sitting on the hot seat has no azadi to ask his producer of why he is made to cover a biased story. A common man has no azadi to question the elected politician of his area. Our ears are made to hear about independence but our eyes are deprived of it.  Our minds and thoughts are enslaved to the powerful influential’s who drive us the way they want to, the minds that want to question are underestimated badly, made fun of and thrown somewhere in the corner.

The essence of Independence or Azaadi or Freedom is to see everyone at par, that every person gets its due rights and share, the poor man can fight for his daughter’s honor in a free court without harassment, the minority is not being bashed for their faith and the strong is being questioned without fear of revenge. Beauty of free living is to share and care beyond cast color and creed. The freedom of choosing to wear and practice without the fear of being mocked, the freedom to speak your mind out with no stones being pelted at your home, this is the freedom which Pakistanis need and for which the two great minds tirelessly worked for.

Those intelligent minds stressed largely on Education and Justice to be served to every man living in the geographical region of the independent country, in reality what we see today is that the weak and the underprivileged have no right over it; it has just become a dream for them.

After fighting for its survival for 68 years, the current generation has woken up to the true meaning of Azaadi shunning away all beliefs that had polarized them, their rebellious nature has made them to question the powerful for their rights. As I write this, there is an ongoing Azaadi protest in Islamabad wherein massive numbers of people are participating. The actual reason behind the entire protest/sit-in is that Pakistanis are questioning, why was their mandate stolen?  They were robbed of their right.

One can agree or disagree with the cricketer turned politician with his demands, but one cannot stop applauding him for mobilizing the urban class of Pakistan who took politics as a curse. This August, let’s commit ourselves to free ourselves from the fake azaadi and get closer to the actual azaadi which Jinnah and Iqbal dreamt of, a free independent Pakistan not having to rely on any unfair means or sources.

Long Live Azaadi..!!

Love Live Pakistan..!!

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