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AN OPEN Letter to Mr. Imran Khan

Dear Mr. Khan,

I would like to start by congratulating you and the 10 Lac marchers accompanying you on your successful “Azadi Inqalabi March”. These days there isn’t a single moment when you are not the centre of attraction in Pakistan’s media. Though your 6 point agenda seems rationale to some people, many others disapprove of it. Some see a ray of light and others see it as a military authored script; while some others have gone to the extent of labeling it as Pakistan’s version of CIA / MI6 / MOSSAD Sponsored Arab Spring.

What this March goes on to achieve only time will tell. What are the truths behind all the happenings, no one will ever tell. But in the midst of this all, I as a common Pakistani men have a few innocent questions for you.

  1. When Vajpayee and Nawaz met there was Kargil and now when Modi and Nawaz have met, this just happened. Strange Coincidence, Isn’t it ?
  1. Assumingly, the elections of 2013 weren’t free and fair, why didn’t you present any bill in the Parliament in more than one year to change this system. On a lighter note, is it confirmed that rigging only took place in three provinces, while in KPK they were free and fair. That too is Strange. (According to FAFEN, there were electoral violations in NA-1, and many other constituencies on which PTI candidates have won)
  1. Why re-constitute Election Commission when Chief Election Commissioner (Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim) has already resigned? As applying your analogy of removing NS would put the country on track, Fakhru’s resignation should suffice, shouldn’t it ? PTI candidates have filed 58 petitions all together challenging National and provincial assembly elections in various constituencies. Of these, 39 petitions, 70 per cent have already been decided by the election tribunals. Have you ever stated this fact ?
  1. If PM and CM Punjab has to go than why only Punjab? Do you believe Qaim Ali Shah to be competent and non-corrupt, or is this march a forum for settling personal political rivalry and egos? and what performance have you shown in KPK that you be treated or considered any different from the people you are protesting against?
  1. You say your March would be non-violent. Is storming into someone’s house not a violent act ? Supporters of PML-N stormed the Supreme Court few years back. Today you are encouraging your supporters to storm the PM House. How is your approach any more civilised? (Going against the Law to fight for Law is mindboggling and would always be known as Outlaw)
  1. MQM easily gathers thrice the numbers in Karachi on any given day than you and TUQ have put together in the name of this March. What makes these 20 to 40 thousand people accompanying you eligible to decide the fate of more than 180 million people of this Nation?

Even your rivals praise you of your honesty, but considering the somersaults you have taken, how do you see yourself any different from the rest of the political leadership of this country. Your statements regarding Shaikh Rasheed, Iftikhar Chaudary and many others, your promises of not including any people from other political parties are on record. There’s a never ending list of promises you have made to the innocent people of this nation, which you have not honoured. Today, every sane person of a rationale mind sees your demand of re-election as that of a child who doesn’t stop crying when he doesn’t get candies. Candies, Cricket, and Country, though they all start with the alphabet C, but in reality they are all different things which are not comparable. Your demand for dissolution of assemblies, re-election, and Civil disobedience, just because you didn’t win is absurd. Rule of law is not just an empty slogan to be raised in public rallies and television talk shows. Whether your March was scripted or not is no longer relevant as the ultimate winner that has come out from this, is the institution that has ruled the country for more than half its age. For as long, as this Azadi or Barbadi March continues, the country keeps falling into deeper crisis, such as foreign head of states have refused to come to Pakistan, within two days the rupee has devalued drastically in comparison to other currencies and much more.

True revolution will only come through evolution. Trial & error will serve as the best learning experience desperately required for a non-civilised nation like ours to grow. Revolutions come when people gather for a cause; when there is real substance in cause as opposed to substance in musical galas. Revolutions come when people unite under one flag, not when people unite under flags of different political parties. At a very small distance from your marchers, another revolution is being cooked by some other revolutionaries. It’s mind-boggling that when these two revolutionary groups can’t unite amongst themselves, how one claims to represent the voice of entire nation and unite them all under one banner. Imagine tomorrow when everyone starts demanding according to their understanding, there version of revolution. This would only result in tearing this nation apart.

Your intentions, honesty and loyalty are not doubted but certainly your wisdom, vision, mental intellect and most importantly your approach is.

Yours Sincerely,
A Mango Pakistani

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