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Wave of revolution and Pak Army

Since PMLN made its government after winning the most controversial elections in the history of Pakistan the Party members started a campaign on very next day that everybody should work to strengthen the democracy in Pakistan. In last government of PPP Pakistan Army joined hands with the civil government to work for the democracy but that government was failed to achieve the targets they set before elections e.g. basic necessities of life and also the promises they made. When PMLN came into government they also promised to bring a revolutionary change but that came just in dreams. People of Pakistan had too many expectations that the new government will take some good steps but nothing was done in their favor and as a result of that people started protests against them and opposition parties launched a proper campaign against the sitting government.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek started protests in several cities against the wrong steps and misuse of public money. Pakistan tehreek.e.Insaaf is the victim of the May, 2013 elections and they claim that they lost almost 35 seats. Nationwide rallies were conducted and huge number of supporters gathered to support the cause and to bring down the government. Government kept on saying that the deep state is trying to bring down their government but reality is different from that. All the members of PMLN used media and gave statements against the Army and Intelligence agencies that they are trying to impose Marshal Law but military leadership extended full support to the civil government. Load shedding, Inflation, CNG issue, Election rigging and high rate of religious extremism were the issues that PMLN was unable to solve and without bothering about them they kept on visiting the foreign countries in public money. Pakistan Army was deployed in Islamabad under the article 245 to control the security situation of Capital City.

So called media analysts and journalists started assuming that Army wants to impose Marshal Law but it’s just a negative propaganda. Pakistan Army is working on its own goals which are for the better and secure future of our upcoming generations. Pakistan Army is already engaged in the operation Zar-be-Azb against the terrorists. So by saying this that Army is trying to take over the government is not true. Pakistan Army has shown full support to the civil government so that democracy may not be derailed but the government is not showing interest in working or taking the steps which are in the favor if people of Pakistan and kept on blaming that hidden powers are a big hurdle in their work which is non-other than mockery of facts. Pakistan Army was deployed in Islamabad and this step has given a lot of good results such as the Azadi Parade which was not possible under the security of police because we all know what kind of security measures they take and the most important thing is that people of Pakistan trust Army more than the police so they will obey all kind of orders given to the protesters. Government of Pakistan and Media should do something positive instead of doing false propaganda against the institutions.

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