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Independence Day in a state of abandonment

The day when Muslims living in India, procured freedom as their fate and as a result obtained an autonomous land for themselves. Muslims were determined with faith in God to fight for their right and on this day they attained what they desired for. All that was seen on that day sixty seven years back was love for their newly declared country and grief for what they lost in return to achieve this land. Patriotic atmosphere prevailed within people who migrated even though they left everything behind and lost their loved ones. It was an historic event of migration and the people who were mainly involved in winning independence for Muslims are today an inspiration for the world to do something, to be someone and to prove something flamboyantly.

From the day of independence till the 90’s, each year on 14th of August, Independence Day was celebrated with some of the traditional ways when the month started. Every household could be seen with a big flag on the its roof, small flags threaded along every street, speakers placed nicely at particular points of each city making the national songs of Pakistan audible to the people, and then there were bands and parades at important destinations as the day neared.

There were special configurations in schools and colleges for showing documentaries to students to apprise them the events of independence and its importance. Students of all schools and colleges used to bestow tribute to all the deserving people in the event of independence. Summing it up, this important day was celebrated with veracious patriotism within these years.

But what has happened to this day now? Has it lost its importance? Are we “Pakistanis” too much engaged in political and worldly matters that we have neglected celebrating our own Independence Day the way we used to? Well this day is questioning all Pakistanis this year 2014, yet owing an answer to our motherland. We are so much indulged in political mind diversions that we’ve abandoned the ways to celebrate this day and pray for the betterment of our country the way we used to.

Leaders of today are too much greedy to grab power and rule the country, gathering more and more mob to fulfill this moto of theirs, forcing Pakistan to go in a state of turmoil, and we people as citizens of Pakistan are following them unperceptively with no insight into our own faith. This is simply an astonishing fact that we Pakistanis, instead of celebrating this day traditionally with a sense of due patriotism, we are running after two of a kind so called leaders claiming themselves to be revolutionists and trying to overthrow an elected government by getting ourselves involved in rallies, marches and protests with absolutely no insight of our own that might result from all this.

Dramatically people in this month of Independence, by getting themselves involved in such acts have simply resulted in deteriorating our economy within just a few days. Stock exchange fell by 1500 points with the speculations over political instability. Where are we leading our country to? The so called leaders of Pakistan should deal with matters pragmatically keeping in mind the consequences of what they’ll do. There should be an ideology within all to unite themselves to solve a matter instead of accusing each other and instigating masses for wrong things.

This year year’s day of independence simply depicts a civil war situation people trying to overthrow their government and being in an earlier stage of anarchy instead of celebrating this day to whatever extent they could. Concluding it all I can say is that Independence Day 2014 is in a state of abundance, a moment of shame for us Pakistanis for not even celebrating this day like we should. My words might be harsh but this is a bitter truth that should now be accepted by all, it is the time to rethink with a sparkle and not to go into darkness for we still have time.

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