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Either deliver my rights as a Pakistani or Resign!

Shouting Politicians, Dramatic, Wet speeches and Dancing crowds. The politics in Pakistan is running high on testosterone. The city of Islamabad which is supposed to be the retirement abode too many and a quiet city is seeing a lot of noise. The 24 hour coverage of the Long March for the last couple days has gotten my interest as it has gone beyond the August 14th. As I felt that the event could have concluded as a public gathering and nothing else. Now do I agree with the ongoing Drama? Let me clear my position. I am a strong supporter to change the system of the country which is not on equal terms for the 98% people of the country but I want it to happen in a constitutional manner.

As the events at the Dual Long March unfolds. There are certain things which are visible. One Long March is for the lust of power; though the claim is that he (Imran Khan) wants to become a Prime Minister to force change in the country. The second Long March (Inquilab March) is all about changing the status quo since I do not see any wish to ascend to power by their leader (Tahir ul Qadri). The nation is divided clearly on four fronts. Those who want to see Imran as the Prime Minister of the country. Those who want change in the system. Those who think that Nawaz Sharif of all his inabilities should complete the tenure of 5 years and those who think all of them are just wasting time. The nation could not have been much more polarized as it is now. The good news is that all of this is political and hope it remains that way.

So our dear Prime Minister seems to have been given an ultimatum. Now the probability of him going in this round is low unless something melodramatic happens giving an opportunity to those who can do something about to use it against him. But rest assures; he is for now on the back foot. Mainly because of his chosen follies. In my view the top ones were to negotiate with the Taliban’s and delaying the action. The second one is clearly the issue of former President General Pervez Musharraf’s case handling where the Defense Minister was seen ridiculing the former Chief of the Army Staff and a war veteran. He could have easily avoided this confrontation by choosing to decide earlier on the operation which he has done now any ways. Letting President Gen Pervez Musharraf being treated fairly as he presented himself to the judicial system of the country instead of derailing the proceedings for personal agendas and more so ever should have been seen standing behind our Army who is fighting a war for Pakistan’s survival. Enough warnings and advises were given. I am sure his own advisers would have given it as per sources. His own younger brother wanted to avert confrontational politics and some other balanced people in his party. My earlier blogs have warned of this impeding situation long time ago. But Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s ego and his short term approach has landed himself in this situation and there is no one else to blame.

We the Pakistanis want stability in our country. It’s the core responsibility of our leaders to ensure that. In the current circumstances. I do agree with the key points like returning the billions of dollars looted illicitly to Pakistan and electoral reforms etc. But what is agonizing for me that these matured politicians are doing disservice to the nation by handling the nation in such a way that it is polarizing Pakistan more and more.

Speaking to poor masses of the country. The two days of national significance i.e. March 23rd and August 14th were hijacked by PTI for what? For creating chaos in the nation and ensuring that somehow making a Prime Minister out of Imran Khan. Is this fair to divide the nation on these dates where you could unite them. As for PMLN government as I am sure that they would have known the actual agenda of Imran Khan could have pre-empted the issue of his claims of rigging and handled it in a political manner to have left no issue on moral grounds for him to make noise. But it’s either out of arrogance or ignorance that they chose not to address the same. The result of which is what we see today.

As for Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri . I must admit that till June 17th ; there was no practical momentum and it was a localized issue. But again the mishandling and the killing of unarmed workers of his party and that too including women are highly condemn able. This is where I think has morale ground to lead charge. After so many days the Lahore High Court has allowed to register a case against the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister and not forgetting the famous Law Minister of Punjab apart from many. But why it didn’t happen earlier. The problem with the current government is that they are being reactive. They would have to own up to their mistakes. The last time they were in power the media was not as free as it is today. They should realize that they would be under scanner all the way. Like they used this media to get into power. Sadly, our media has just decided that they want to represent the opposition all the time.

Of the many theories which is doing round. I think that since the word of a deal or understanding between PTI and PMLN has been done. Now Imran Khan is looking for a safe exit to end the protest. If I am the government. I would tire him out irrespective. Imran Khan also knows that he did not manage to pull the numbers he committed on the streets of Islamabad and has not been able to hit not even 10% of which. Still if he gets a deal. It would be interesting. The only card he has up his sleeve is the stalling of the Capital City of Pakistan. As it looks like that his own supporters has rejected his claim. As of the 7.6 million votes he got. He wanted to see 1.0 Million of them on the streets and could garner less than 100,000. So it looks like his own vote bank has not backed his demands. That is why all you can hear now is personal attacks and that he want to become the Prime Minister. A lame way of leading a protest march.

On the contrary speaking to people across the border. Some say that PTI might be continuing the rally in collusion with the PMLN government in order to pressurize to withdraw from the Operation Zarb e Azb. The government might be looking into enhancing their powers in order to create an environment for the same which I doubt our Army would agree or should agree per se. The weight to the theory comes from the fact that Jamaat e Islami is a mediator between these two; which is a main stream pro- Taliban party. If that’s the case it going to be shameful. I would urge if there is any remote evidence on the same strict action should be taken against both PTI and PMLN . Nothing less than Article 6 for derailing the efforts of our army and colluding with the enemy. If you see that PTI and Imran has completely chosen to avoid mentioning Taliban’s, IDP’s and operation etc. in his speeches mainly . Though there is an operation underway in his governed province.

As for PAT’s demands which are targeted towards the common man. I might not agree with the need of resignations of the PM and dissolution of Assemblies right away without substance. I personally endorse the rest of the issues raised by him inclusive of parity in terms of earning, elimination of terrorism, reduction of cost of living etc. I feel that can be done if rightful taxation exist as well as our leaders are forced to bring back the wealth they horde abroad.

Till now the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan and especially Karachi has kept them away from the ongoing political ruckus. Not because they do not support the changes. I am sure at least MQM’s manifesto has been all about this all these years. But maybe because they want to ensure that the rightful agenda behind this is really about change and not to over throw a government and become Prime Minister.

This takes us to the same logic which Former President General Pervez Musharraf tried post Oct 1999. The agenda for the PMLN government should be focused on seven point agenda around. Election Reforms, Financial upheaval, Equality of rights, Justice, Refurbishing the system via changes and new inductions, provision of equal services like that of health, education and security and lastly elimination of root cause of terrorism and promoting access to all for power. I feel as a Pakistani. It’s a must to have and can resolve a lot of issues that we face . Now the current government should choose to announce such a package or a road map seeing whatever noise is around. In the case, they choose to be arrogant and again like I say ignorant of this need. Than simply as my basic Fundamental rights given to me under the constitution of Pakistan. Authorities like Supreme Court should intervene and enforce this change and if need be through a technocrat government.

We the Pakistanis need stability. We are sick and tired of political bickering. The last time I remember any good times or semblance of which was under Musharraf government which was overthrown to safeguard the rights of a corrupt Chief Justice of that time and to bring back leaders like Zardari and Nawaz in power. I am upset of Imran Khan because he had the short sightedness to support at that time and that’s why doesn’t deserve to be my Prime Minister. I wish we get the good few years our nation saw in the 70’s and between 2000 till 2007. If people of Pakistan want none of these to lead us than that makes it a majority and it’s democratic enough to bring that type of a change in my opinion. Only and only in the interest of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!

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