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It’s my 68th birthday and I have been enough old not to stand any more on my steps. I had expected gifts and presents so that it can bring smiles on my face. I was born on the principals of Islam as inner layer and Nationalism as outer layer. Nationalism is the thought process of individual groups to represent their identity and Islam is the global approach sharing common interest in the same platform. I was named Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I was given proper and well cultured education called constitution. Naming Pakistan means inner and outer layer will remain on the same path to follow the constitution to stabilize the mechanism in order to keep me young, energetic and healthy and I did it the same way with my children. I always told, informed and educated that my children will follow the same path and some of them followed they succeeded and rest abandoned the path and they have been deprived their identity. Those who stick on the path of inner and outer layer they were called leaders and champions and those who could not balance on the path were called ignorant and dishonest but all of them are my children.

Today, I am facing the biggest challenge of my life and my children are having tough time and I want to help and support them to fulfill my role as father. I want to explain them how this battle can be won. I had this moment many times in my young age where my father guided me so well. I was always given an example by father that whenever you feel dark just thinks of your two layers bond which provides you the best solution and brings the light so that you again can stick on your path.

Everything is written in Quran-e-Kareem that brings the justice to Islam and constitution provides the best knowledge that helps you to maintain the nationalism. Sometime the dark approaches to dead end but an effort can bring the light of justice.

The current situation has created an atmosphere where I am going to die but I will rise again through my children by adopting the new mechanism invented by me which my father was not taught me. I am introducing a mechanism in which peace will come back and Pakistan will rise again.

My mechanism is called People Justice and Peace Process. In this mechanism children of Pakistan will be judge and those who call them leaders and champions will be standing together in front of them to clarify the approach to lead me and ignorant mistakes done by them.

I am inviting my two children named Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan to come together in front of their judges and bring your policies along with you and give the full debate to your judges.

It’s not time of afraid but moment of justice to Nationalism.

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