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Nurturing militancy in IDPs camp

The IDPs of Waziristan (some people also call them “Intentionally Displaced Pashtun) were forced to leave their native land and live in camps. They have become a Sandwich between Pakistan army and the militant outfits. Those displaced in the wake of the Zarb-e-Azb operation, number has almost reached to 0.9 million (900,000). A couple of days ago, the focal person for internally displaced persons, (IDPs) Tariq Hayat Khan has said the second phase of the Zarb-e-Azb operation has started and the people have been asked to vacate the area. He said twenty to thirty thousand   people of Eidik area would be displaced in North Waziristan agency while the rehabilitation of IDPs to take 4 to 6 months. The IDPs have become a very easy target for the militant groups. The raged displaced people especially the children in camps easily fall prey in the hands of these militants groups who come and provide them medicines, shelter and food. These militants and their disguised supportive political wings including Jumat-i- Islami, Alkhidmat Foundation, Jumat-i-Dawa, and other banned Islamic militant factions have been allowed to penetrate into the IDPs and motivate them to join Jihad against the infidels in Afghanistan or against Indian army in Kashmir.

The fundamentalists and religiously extremists groups ranging from Jamat-Islami, Maulana Saud Azhar, Osama Bin Ladin , the seven groups of Afghan Mujahidin in 70s, Hafiz Sayeed of banned Jumat-i-Dawa, Taliban and above all the Tableeghi groups (Islamic preachers) have an immense history of 40 years of penetration in the IDPs and refugee camps in Pakistan and they have turned the refugee and IDP camps as a focal point for recruiting raged displaced people for their terrorists activities. The anecdote has not stopped up but some of these groups especially the   Hafiz Sayeed of banned Jumat-i-Dawa, Taliban and Tableeghi Jumat (Islamic preachers) are still busy in Afghan refugee camps of  Jalozai camp in Peshawar, Khyber pakhtunkhawa province, Quetta, Surkhab and other refugee camps in Baluchistan and now the displaced persons of North Waziristan camps in Bannu and other areas recruiting people for their cynical objectives of Jihad, the war for God.

After the Sardar Dawood’s coup d’etat against King Zahir Shah and the Sour-April revolution in 1978 in Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans were displaced from their native land and were deliberately camped as refugees in Pakistan’s controlled-Pashtun areas. Aiming the failure of the Afghan revolution, the neighbors of Afghanistan kicked off their imperialistically designed game of interference into Afghanistan. Thence, the then liberal govt of Pakistan people’s party led by Zulfiqar Ali Bahtoo camped the Afghan refugee along the Durand line border from Torkham to Chman arena in refugee camps. Once again the cyclic migration of Afghans occurred when the USSR forces entered Afghanistan and consequently, three million Afghan migrated to Pakistan and the same number moved around to Iran. Exploiting the ignorance and their religious sentiments, the Pakistan backed religiously fanatic haft-gana (seven groups) Jihadi groups started their filthy activities in these refugee-Afghan by recruiting and training them for Jihad in Afghanistan. Besides local jihadi outfits, Arab, Chechen, Uzbak and other international terrorists were also accommodated and trained in these Pakistani camps. In an interview to ‘Reuter’ in 2001, the security in-charge of the then Jalozai camp Haji Dost Muhammad explicitly said that he for the first time saw and met Osama Bin Laden in 1981 when Bin laden had come to the Peshwar based Jalozai camp and distributes ‘dates’ among the refugees. Similarly, Lashkar-i- Jangavi, Sipa-i-Sahaba and the then leadership of Jamat-i-Islami had stationed in these camps and recruited the youths to fight for Allah in Afghanistan and Kashmir against the infidels.

Today, once again the history is repeated. Pakistani authorities have deliberately permitted the so called Jihadi groups that hand out their banned jihadi literature among the displaced Pashtun youths from North Waziristan and fearlessly carrying out their illicit jobs of recruiting them to fight in Afghanistan.  Mostly teenagers and orphan children are their straightforward targets using them for suicidal attacks as they did during the Swat operation, Lal masjid operation, Ziarat earthquake, Abbotabad-Kashmir earthquake and in other events in the country. The outfits overwhelmed the quakes and army operations children and later used them for their jihadi causes.

Besides the banned militant outfits like Laskhar-i- Jangavi , Sipa-i- Sahab, Jumat-i- Dawa and Alkhidmat foundation are active in the IDPs cams under the cover of providing aid to people but in reality they recruit people for Jihad and provide shelter and safe passage to the terrorists that have covertly migrated in the caravan of IDPs.

It is candidly questionable that Pakistani authorities on one hand do not sanction the international humanitarian organizations to provide food and other aid supplies to the IDPs meanwhile they have explicitly permit the banned Islamic militants outfits to roam in IDPs camps.

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