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State Terrorism: Kashmir A victim of India

No doubt Globalization brings so much benefit for mankind and states but it has also brought the curse of state terrorism along with it. State Terrorism or state sponsor terrorism is what that any particularly government support non state organizations (Terrorists Organizations) in any other particular state. The cause of State terrorism can be varying from state interests to interests. As we all know that in this bipolar world few great powers have their monopoly over the international system, while some states are facing discrimination even in minor issues.

When we talk about state terrorism few states appear in our mind, by division half of them are terrorism sponsor states while other are victims, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, US and Israel, United kingdom are few top states which comes . Although Pakistan a peace loving country but grasp with the chains of state terrorism. Afghanistan, India, UK allegations are also there that Pakistan is one of the biggest state sponsor in the world, which is not true Pakistan one of the most victimized country by the hands of terrorism. Iran, India, USA and Afghanistan are those countries which are prominent in spreading/sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

Beside this state sponsor terrorism I being a Pakistanis and Muslim cannot ignore that few powers are glowing the politics at the expanse of small Muslim states like Palestine and Kashmir. For me what Israel and India is doing in Palestine and Kashmir is also comes in the category of state terrorism. Kashmir being closest one and Pakistan and Pakistani nation has very sentimental portion for Kashmir in their hearts. Pakistanis consider it as their integral part but unfortunately it is such a disputed land which often brought India and Pakistan in battle field. This is also a fact that India since the division of sub-continent has declared their occupation on that piece of Land. It is a fact that India unleashed state terrorism on innocent Kashmiris and more than 100,000 innocent human beings have been killed mercilessly. But India neither expect its mistakes rather her brutality over Kashmiris nor his forceful occupation over there. Despite the Indian government’s own estimate of only 500-700 armed militants in the area, Kashmir remains the most densely militarized land on earth. There are approximately 700,000 Indian military and paramilitary in Kashmir, policing a population of 12.5 million.

From last 10 years Kashmiri build their and sustained their upraising in the demand of Independence which is their right but unfortunately due to drowsy behavior of our so called authoritative organizations Kashmiris has suffered with state terrorism on the name of human right violations, censorship, arson, beatings, rape, mass murder and all kinds of torture.

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