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Once upon a time there was Pakistan

Problems? Poverty, lawlessness, inflation, nepotism, robbery, forgery, money laundering, smuggling, land grabbing, extortion, drug trafficking, corruption, black marketing, political violence, abduction are just a few. Earthquakes and floods add to the flavor of it. PPP is a great opposition indeed. Zardari is on incognito mode. Altaf Bhai is a blessing already. Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri likes playing his agonizing game of hide and seek. But let’s talk about the two giants, PML-N and PTI, fighting over their mutual god – the ballet box. Imran Khan has a bigger fish to fry – KPK. He can raise his voice against iniquity, but he should prioritize his actions first. If he had a problem with ECP, why didn’t he use Article 209? Laurent & Christophe said “Because PML-N cannot rely upon a captive vote bank unlike PPP and MQM in Sind. This post-electoral disillusionment could well translate into a political change during the next elections”. But he couldn’t hold off, instead he announced his new offensive on 14th August. I’m no one to adjudicate but in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, while making a plan against his uncle King Claudius, Hamlet says,

“I’ll have grounds,
More relative than this – the play’s the thing,
Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King”

As for me, I’d rather sit in a mosque and pray for our soldiers dying out there, than attend his rally and cry for his 4 seats like s**t.

Nawaz’s insurances have given me a hope that he will demolish Pakistan no matter what happens. Trusted Indar and Kardinez broke their agreements in the past. When you read the terms and conditions of IPP’s you feel like giving a standing ovation to PML-N. Now they have ordered train engines to Dongfeng – a blacklisted company. 22 Government Organizations are on the road to privatization. Vision 2030, is same as vision 2010. I mean the typist would’ve literally done Ctrl (C)-Ctrl (V). Voltaire said, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. Though not exactly Spider-man, but you are the PM of the only Islamic Nuclear State in the world. Behave like one.

Those who go to the courts, the judiciary uses Article 199 against them. What a dainty way of saying “Thanks, but No Thanks”. Army is engaged in Zarb-e-Azb. They found IED’s, VBIED’s, AA&E’s, CBU’s etc. Last year they had blueprints of UAV’s as well. TTP surely had bigger plans. But there’s a new headache in the market, Article 245. Opposition didn’t warn PML-N when they were imposing it, maybe they were following Napoleon’s strategy that, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Now the doctors are enouncing that we may hear the thud, thud, thud of Direct Molded Sole in the parliament for the 5th time. Anyways it’s a taboo subject. But every doctor is evoking his own prescription to the same disease.

So the “Russian Revolution” is echoing in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif has his “Red Army”. Imran Khan has his “White Army”. Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri has his “Green Army”. And we all know the upshot. Who won the Battle of Siberia? Then we have “Allies” and “Axis” but ironically they keep on commuting. Nawaz Sharif has his own “Three Alls Policy”. But this time the Alls are “heed all, fool all, loot all”. We have our own “Game of Thrones” or a block buster movie “67 years a slave”. As for the public, they espouse Zauq’s couplet,

رند خراب حال کو زاہد نہ چھیڑ تو
تجھ کو پرائ کیا پڑی اپنی نبیڑ تو

Now most of us think that the solution to this problem is trivial. There’s a theory in Psychology called “Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)” which says that a person’s deportment is predicted by his attitude towards that behavior and how he conceives other people would view them if they executed the behavior. So it’s up to us whether we want status quo or we want them to lay off this melodrama and start working for the country. They invest on metro trains instead of education because we want them to. They orchestrate Azadi March because we encourage them by participating in it. They just couch different ideas at auction and we select the worst ones by making highest bids on them. Dr. Iqbal says,

خدا نے آج تک اس قوم کی حالت نہیں بدلی
نہ ہو جس کو خیال آپ اپنی حالت کے بدلنے کا

Pakistan was not supposed to be a country. It was supposed to be an ideology, a system, a culture, a Utopia, a hymn, a direction which is no more there. So I inquired my grandfather, “Dada Abbu! Was Pakistan perpetually like this?” He said, “Ali! Once upon a time there was Pakistan, I used to dwell in it …………….
……………. And it was beautiful”.

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