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Not Gaza but Muslims under Attack

Not a day was witnessed this century without being stained by Muslim blood. Somewhere it was Iran, Iraq fighting programmed Zionists giving air to and stemmed out of religious discrimination and difference excellent work of Jews lobby. Afghanistan long being struggling to get the NATO forces out of its territorial boundaries Burma was the smallest horror story one can even image of. It has no match of acing Jews atrocities. Thousands of children were found burnt and the peace haranguing bodies of United Nations and humanitarian champions not just remained silent over Muslim genocide but aided the troops to fight more harshly at Muslims. Palestine continued to bleed no idea since actually when. By the time I got senses I found it helpless and self defensive with all others silent spectators.

The place I live in-Pakistan is not a case different. Its been fighting around the borders, terrorists and insurgents from with in. Alas! We had handed over the powerful places and the decisive posts to the most incapable people of Pakistan. I have spotted out in many of my other writings already that how badly we are crushed and left back by theses incompetent rulers. They have spoiled the ideology on which was Pakistan founded. These champions of democracy keep on de-railing Demo-Crazy their own selves with each day start and the day ends on which. No definition by any world institute or state has referred democracy with carrying out mere elections on the pattern of the will of ruler. Democracy is something for the people and by the people but we find both the conditions successful unfulfilled for the past 66 years. Not a single day without violence in Pakistan under so called successful democracy.

If we have a look over the status of entire Muslim world we exist no where in the power houses and the authoritative sections of the world. What I get out of I the deep ocean of reasons is a single thing and that is none other than Disunity. It remained never much difficult for Jews and Christians and of course Hindus along with others to crush us and to descend us in the chaos of Bloodshed with killing and being killed by the Muslims over both sides. There is no place safe for Islam except the on kept is hideout in the safe shelters of major powers i.e. none other than Saudi Arabia. The worst player in defending Islam. Respectable due to religious home ground and sacred bodies and places on its map but devoid of the spirit which Islam set as fundamentals 14 centuries back. Not just its disgusting silence over Muslims under attack but no one can deny Saudi being extremist fighting in the Muslim states even. When the own saviors are trading for Muslims blood who to blame for than? I wouldn’t get anything else better than this phrase to quote ” Mujhy rahzanon sy gila nahi… Teri Rahbari ka sawal hy” .

World took several serious jerks to understand the enforcement of balance of power in the form of two World wars. League of Nations was sent home after WWI burst because it was declared the failure of league as it was unable to maintain peace which was the basic doctrine to work over. Does United Nations not following the same failure this time? Have it successfully maintained the Rule of Balance of power? Have United Nations not calling for anther WW by showing such attitude? If its “Balance of Power” was meant to be circled among the veto states where does its legitimacy to rule the world gone? The writ of United Nations is no more – I challenge. It’s another open failure of United Nations when nearly 1400+ lives in Palestine have gone recently and it looks for no end to the casualties when UN is stick to ask for both the competitors to end up in peace. I question United Nations Had you asked for the same if it was any Non-Muslim state under attack? Haven’t you gone offensive against the attacking state and took no time to deploy troops and choice armed intervention? If seriously the reaction was same I had no issue with you to command the world. But all knows that the answer to my question is far beyond true. There is no one that could come in rescuing Islam? I am asking the dead Muslim world “where are the saviors of my Religion?”

The only thing that could shatter the powers working to wipe out Islam from the world is to make the “FORT OF ISLAM” i.e. Pakistan strong. The only Islamic state with Nuclear power and have stronger army to fight. We can bring up Islam as a power on the International forum and can change the existing world order if only Pakistan is helped to have capable leadership which can dare to stand against any state if it owes to attack on take underhand tricks to unstable Islam. I wish for a strong Pakistan to aid the wounded Muslim world.

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