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Unity, Faith and Discipline – Red, Green and White

“I have no doubt that with unity, faith and discipline we will compare with any nation of the world. You must make up your minds now. We must sink individualism and petty jealousies and make up our minds to serve the people with honesty and faithfulness. We are passing through a period of fear, danger, and menace. We must have faith, unity and discipline.”

With those historic words, Quaid-e-Azam set a path in front of the fledgling country which, if followed, would create a strong nation and a proud people. And, as it should have been, Pakistan adopted the concept of the Quaid’s words. The motto of “Unity, Faith, Discipline” was chosen to be the guiding rules for a new-born country. At least in theory.

It did not take generations for this selective amnesia to set in neither did it take much time. All that was needed to lead us astray from our guiding light was abject greed. And so, another motto was born: “Self-absorption, Self-preservation, Selfishness.” In today’s Pakistan, these rules seem to be working fine for those who are in power, but at the cost of the powerless. In these times, when the words of the Quaid could have propelled us to the forefront of the world, we limp behind because we chose to forget our concept.

All political parties have shouted “Unity, Faith, and Discipline” from the rooftops at one time or another but none have chosen to follow them. These words have become an empty motto, something to get the attention of the desperate masses, who turn their faces hopefully towards every bright glimmer only to be seared by blinding selfishness.

One political party however has been following the Quaid’s rules all along and that is the MQM. It has always declared its absolute patriotism to Pakistan and had claimed that its guidelines closely follow those set by the Quaid.

MQM has always claimed that its only agenda is the progress and safety of Pakistan– protecting it from enemies within and without. Since its inception it has been working towards being a party for all Pakistanis, beyond ethnic and linguistic divides. It has been successful in becoming an organization striving for sectarian and religious harmony and united in its goal towards a progressive and peaceful Pakistan.

MQM points its guiding compass towards the day when all the citizens of Pakistan will be Pakistanis and nothing else. Where other parties have exploited the fractures caused by linguistic and ethnic differences, MQM has been the only party with a firm belief that one day there will be a united Pakistan. With such faith comes optimism and fervor to work towards a future which might seem futile to others. When the Army decided to launch operation Zarb-e-Azb, they had the unconditional support of MQM and the party declared as much from multiple platforms. MQM feels that any action that fragments an already delicate ethnic situation can only weaken the country further and those who chose that path are not interested in a united country.

One of the main reasons for the success of MQM as a political party as well as an implement of positive change is the extreme discipline followed by the workers. This discipline has been demonstrated within their own organization as well as public congregations and conventions. People are expected to follow rules and the example is set by the organizers of the party. Where other parties are saying: do as I say and not as I do, MQM leads by example.

On the day we celebrate our independence, we must re-evaluate our path. As Pakistanis we are all fiercely patriotic. We are willing to do everything for our country but we need a guiding star. An unerring compass that shows us a path to a progressive and successful Pakistan. MQM provides that leadership by following the guidelines set forth by our founder: unity, faith, discipline.

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