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14th August holds certain of significance for very Pakistani around the world. Every year, this day comes by and passes away. We see flags everywhere, be it any building or any street, these flags symbolize a lot. Parade ceremonies occur at various national spots, political leaders call on nation to promise unity for times to comes and the day ends. The next day is another usual morning and another day to spent recklessly. All the courage, zeal and patriotism by name vanish away.

Similar is the situation this year again but a little sensational. August has arrived, markets are lit with the shades of green, and hopefully we will see flag everywhere and some gullible scenes as well. However, the assumed revolutionary scene around has added a little flavor to this whole scenario. This time, we are not seeing any patriotic statements coming out from political circle; rather a political circus is amusing a whole lot, soothing certain factions and paining the rest.

PTI and PAT this time have taken the responsibility on their shoulders to revolutionize Pakistan out of the dust of corrupt and immoral politics. The day chosen to bring justice is 14thAugust; a new Pakistan free of every bad aspect will emerge on this day. Knowing the importance of this day in the history of Pakistan and calling on a long March to topple the already set machinery does not seem to be a good idea. In my opinion, this whole scenario seems devastating. I believe at least it would not be bringing any good but it could end up in mourning over a certain significant loss, after all its Pakistan where third parties cash such opportunities.

I do not doubt; Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan would be here to bring us justice and equality. I trust their intention, this would be here to clean sweep the corrupt system but political outrage of this intensity is not recommended solution but if it’s to show off the public power you hold then it’s another thing. This is not the first when politicians have employed such techniques and tagged it as matter of public interest, we are a gullible nation. Toppling government is easy but how about the melting economy standing on clutches, will it bear the expenses of next government to come?

But people must not forget the menace of terrorism is the result of religious practice before and once again we are opting the same wrong option. And also, Imran khan is not the first politician calling people on street to secure our right. I question, where these right go when the whole country will be jammed and only low income profiles will suffer?

No revolution can change the fate of Pakistan till the time we are taking care of a corrupt and immoral human inside us. If Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri really want to bring a change, first make people learn how to take of our flag, we even don’t know that. Let 14th August remain a memorable day for us in a positive manner, we have already so many people to mourn at their losses on each day of a year.

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