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Preparing for ‘jashan-e-azadi’

Mum’s been frantic this whole weekend, ‘we’re next’, she’d remark, listening to commentary about no supplies, barred roads, fuel shortage etc in Lahore. All she did then was shopping like crazy for our larder.

‘just in case’, she’d mumble as we’d ask if we were preparing for an apocalypse, knowing in her heart of hearts that we’d be thanking her as 14th august will draw closer.

That’s how we’re preparing for 14th august, ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’ that we call it.

I wish I won’t but secretly, I agree with her. Hundreds of containers have arrived in Islamabad already, workers at petrol pumps and CNG stations are haughty already and the prices of edibles and household commodities are hiking like its Ramazan again.

Lo and behold! We’re preparing for ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’.

I fail to determine what’s the real issue here. If it’s this ‘pointlessly-called-for-march’, or ‘insecurity-of-government’ or ‘over-enthusiasm-of-Inqalabi-fanatics’. There might be a dozen other factors here but the real point still stands out- alone, high, shinning like bright daylight for us to somehow spot it.

The point is, ‘what’s up with folks here, seriously’?

No seriously! What really is up with us falling for the same political dramas and never becoming tired of becoming political pawns again and again. What’s up with us not getting ‘naya Pakistan’ is NOT a paint brand that we’d buy and brush all over the country. What’s up with us being this naive???

IK’s sole stand for this protest was rigging in 4 constituencies of Punjab where he wanted re-counting (re-elections now). After having built enough pressure though (true, election tribunal and Supreme Court had been biased dealing with him initially, with government taking him over too offhandedly, worsening state of affairs to this degree finally) he had government consenting to re-counting of votes in 10 constituencies instead.

So IK has shown enough power already to government that they’re asking for dialogue.

But they say, ‘power is intoxicating’ and it clearly has stung IK.

Demanding re-elections throughout the country is as foolish a call as it can get. But I wonder, how can the people ready to pop up in streets for him not see it.

By 14th August, showing full might of his street power, IK would’ve brandished all his cards (clearly not getting importance of keeping some cards hidden, specifically when other party already is kind of intimidated, because you can just get as powerful as your LAST card can make you).

But the major issue isn’t IK’s political immaturity as much as it is the fanaticism of PTI Junoonists.

Blood runs high in those young veins but only long as it’s a question of being on the streets and not doing anything for change that actually might help. Hint: changing them first. No sir, long as change’s concerned, their country comes first!!

To add icing to this political scenario, TuQ with his enthusiasts is ready to canoe in the ‘stream of revolution’ too. How TuQ has made ‘living’ a hard choice for Lahories is not a hidden fact, now that he wants to have people of Islamabad savor that taste too.

We can’t help but see ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’ here in light of how people from Model town are facing severe lack of basic-most household supplies, how people from Lahore are seeing Inqalab through blocked roads and discontinued civil services, how people from outskirts of Lahore are falling victims to Inqalab as the barred roads prevent them from getting even to hospitals!

Soon this’s going to be the story of Islamabad. Closed markets with nowhere to get basic supplies from, inflation mounting high, blocked roads, closed or out of access hospitals, transportation gone, academic institutions closed, all businesses having come to a halt…..this is how we are going to have ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’ here.

And the problems PTI Junoonists and TuQ Inqalabies (if their number rises as per anticipation) preparing to gather in this city (that can hardly contain its own residents) are going to be really ugly too.

But who cares! Inqalab after all comes first!

So, PTI has every right to boost its street power to mourn mishandling of Pakistan at hands of government, but no, PTI should not be held accountable for its own handling of KPK where things are a lot worse than they are in PML-N run areas.

TuQ should be granted access to the streets-guarding-constitution for his protest, but he should never be asked about his yield the last time he used these street for similar purpose (apart of-course from personal gains). Indeed, They should both be allowed to celebrate ‘Jasahan-e-Azadi’ as they please, even at the expense of tribulation of nation cause it’s their ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’ too.

‘A LOT’ is going to happen this 14th…so a lot for media to cash too, all in one day!

And that’s what makes media prepare for ‘Jashan-e-Azadi’.

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