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As Pakistan’s federal capital ‘Islamabad’ and provincial capital ‘Lahore’ gear up for a totally serendipitous political scenario on the country’s 68th day of independence; political crisis continue to deepen with Islamabad promising to be the most politically blistering capital round the globe in the next five to seven days, as numerous political developments are surely to be reported.

Keeping in view ,multifarious ongoing political developments, analysts and political experts are the front-runners in presenting their respective opinions to fill-up the minds of those who aren’t able to understand what’s behind the scenes and what itself is on the scene happening in Pakistan, bringing the country’s economy to a stand-still and creating a horrendous political turmoil across the country.

Business activities are declining owing to the latest political developments in Pakistan. I recently came to know that share prices at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) extended their free fall today as concerns over deteriorating political situation continued to weigh on the market.

The decline was greater than yesterday’s massive 4.5 percent erosion in equities value and anti-government protests on August 14 in Islamabad are expected to bring more political instability, the dealers feared. This is seen to further sabotage the current market outlook.

‘Moreover, shipping containers block roads leading into central Islamabad, placed by security forces hoping to halt protesters supporting anti-government politicians. Police in riot gear can be seen taking up positions across the city as authorities suspended mobile phone and internet services in many areas. Meanwhile, those worried the government may cut off fuel shipments to slow demonstrators have lined up at gas stations’
“The pandemonium that is being witnessed across the province of Punjab is too unnerving, as political activists clash on with police.

It seems the political polity is heading towards an undesired situation wherein the representative dispensation will be at a sordid loss. Surprisingly enough, the two major contenders vying for street agitations against the government — vowing to bring it down by hook or crook — are disgruntled to the core and do not have a foolproof alternate governance strategy at hand. ”

What I personally consider is that a voluntary compliance with whatever is associated to a conscientious state of mind, aimed at the observance of ethical duties, so as to save the destruction of state possessions and the development of a sense to abide by the rules set; is must to be transpired among each citizen, whosoever.

The Government of Pakistan has the right to counter all elements, who are a threat to it but at the same time its highly important for it to take bold steps which could serve the larger interest of the country and its people. Creating hurdles for the general public by placing containers all around, can never be justified, whatsoever and yes if such is being done for public safety, then let all know that how such steps ensure their safety.

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