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Independence Day of Pakistani Prisoners

Pakistan meaning in Urdu and Persian is the “Land of the Pure”. Without going in history I am writing this blog with tearful eyes with a series of questions in my mind are we really independent in this Land of Pure where the daughter of the nation Afia Siddiqui is in USA prison and we are celebrating independence? People have been made captives in cities of their own country by their government. Raymond Davis and backwater has open license to kill any Pakistani at any time and are allowed to drive cars having special numbers with right to hit and scrunch any Pakistani with their car. Gullo Butt’s are wandering in the society with weapons to spread anarchy.

Pakistan is going to celebrate its 68th independence day on 14th August 2014 in a situation when this Land of pure is in a peculiar situation where there is a fire every where there is a chaos , carnage, massacre, explosions, drones, suicide attacks from Punjab to Sindh to KPK to Balochistan. What we are currently are disintegrated, surrounding in enemies, divided in to sects and castes, religious harmony and patience has gone from us, communal violence is on peak.  In these circumstances instead of bringing the nation on one plate form, are we going to divide the nation further on basis of those who want to live in “Old Pakistan” and those who want to live in “New Pakistan”? Is it a right time to have all this mess? .Is it a right time to call people for Azadi March to gather under any other flag when we used to gather under one green flag?

Government is fighting with their own people by placing containers in their ways and killing them.  They are going to hit their own foot by axe as they did in their previous governments. Instead of spending money on education as Quaid said during his address in GujaratMuslimeducational Conferenceon 14th January 1945,he described education as a matter of life and death for the nation.

However billions of the nations were spent to make Jangla Bus (Metros). When asked to them what you did for education, the answer is Laptops and Danish schools. Are they really cost effective price wise and quality wise? It was much better instead of spending billions on export of laptops this money was spent on Research and development (R &D) to establish made in Pakistan Laptops“. We have forgotten the motto of our beloved Quaid “Unity, Faith and discipline”. If government has little sense Azadi march could be handled well than the way they are doing with their people. Everybody has a right to freedom of expression and to live independently.

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah conceived Pakistan as a welfare economy state in the right Islamic spirit. He drew inspirations from the teachings of Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He wanted to have an economy based on justice and equality. He wanted to have a state without any discrimination where everybody can live with ease and contentment. However unfortunately we never get any sincere leaders who can bring out us from this quagmire.

The current government has broken all the records by placing containers to captive their own citizens there is no such example available of this kind in this modern world. This is the era of advancement in science and technology instead of looking ahead our leaders are pushing us backward. Their recent actions has caused to effect ordinary man who works on a daily basis .Transports ,offices , factories and  schools are closed.

There is an uncertainty everywhere what will happen of 14th August. In the end I would like to say instead of bringing the nation closer by our rulers they are taking steps to create distances further between them.

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