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14 August and Revolution in Pakistan

Every year Pakistanis celebrated their independence day with great enthusiasm because Pakistanis nation know the value of independence. They celebrated this day as day of happiness like other states do. This nation had spent decades under salvation’s, after huge sacrifices and efforts this piece of Land came into the lap of Muslims of subcontinent. However that was past but presently situation is not as much different. Our Political Parties will be going to spoil this day. Roads are blocking in major cities; containers put on all link roads specially links roads of capital twin cities and in front of important building and hospitals. Unfortunately After 68 years Pakistan history will going to repeat it. It seems Pakistanis Nation is still under salvation. Difference is just previously they were under the salvation of foreign occupied states and presently under the salvation of their own elected political parties. Did we really get Pakistan for this day? Till when Pakistani Nation will sacrifice?

PTI and PAT two well-known parties of Pakistan are going to prove their self-made ideologies by conducting long march towards the federal capital. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistani Awami Tehreek announced its million marches for 14thAugust on our Independence Day. This political engagement has damaging Pakistan and Pakistanis. Will any political Party going to take responsibility of those civilian and security personals lives being killed during violence sponsor by pol.parties of Pakistan. Indeed these incidents are condemnable.

This is not for the first time that the civilian elite have fought with one another to get their personal gains. But alarming thing in that this time is that they choose the day of our independence to fulfill their objectives. If Pakistan is facing these crucial circumstances before the marches, what will be the scenario on March day? What they people want to make by conducting these baseless marches, whole nation know the agenda behind their marches on the name of their self-made ideologies. Infact Qadri and Imran khan are running a race to disclose the evil deeds of political parties. Despite of realization that how much this thing will harm Pakistan.Politics in Pakistan has, therefore, become a power struggle among the political and societal elite, who fight with one another, either to run a government for the well being of common public.

In this struggle, they change party affiliations and are prepared to spend a lot of money to pursue their agendas. One can easily take the idea after seeing the bullet prove container of Imran khan which is cost of more than 1 crore. We have Issue of IDPs what bad if this money has spent on the needs of IDPs instead of wasting for political baseless agenda.

It is not the right time to raise political fake slogan of “Dandli” and “Azzadi March” “revolution”

Instead stands unite for our country. Our country is passing crucial phase as we just get rid from almost half of terrorism from the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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