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Questions for Imran Khan

If Prime minister breaks parliament today, who will make the new election commission? who will pass new laws to ensure that there is no dhandli again? How will caretaker governments be made?

Imran Khan gave 18 month development plan in KP few days back. Under what formula all federal and provincial govts will go home and assemblies will be broken but KP govt will keep functioning?

IK has no representation in Sindh and Balochistan. How can longmarch in Punjab decide fate of these 2 provinces? Won’t this create resentment in people of these provinces?

What action has been taken against 3 assembly members of PTI who were deseated because of proven Dhandli by tribunals?

What was former ISI Chief Pasha doing at Shafqat Mehmood’s residence for 2.5 hours on 2 August?

What will be IK’s stand on Pervez Musharraf if he becomes PM?

Why hasn’t PTI resigned from National assembly yet and is ruling in KP if elections were fake? Is KP govt result of fake mandate? If yes, all laws passed by KP assembly and all appointments made by KP govt are unconstitutional and hence should be declared null and void?

Why hasn’t Imran Khan released recording of 35 punctures yet? Why didn’t he apologize from public for asking them to come on roads for movement to restore former CJ? (as according to IK he proved to be N league supporter and involved in rigging.) Doesn’t this mean that Imran Khan has poor judgment? How can people trust his judgment this time?

PAT and PTI have different agendas and different visions for Pakistan. Their manifestos are also completely different. So after removing PML N, will they fight each other in Islamabad to see who wins?

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