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Be it a Pak-India cricket, hockey or wrestling match, Pakistanis must only know that if an Indian player is playing against us, he/she must have to lose. This epic animosity is found in every field where Pak-India comes in competition to each other. Nothing makes people across borders crazy than the holy hatred on both sides does.

Where the leadership of both countries is extending a hand of friendship, looking forward to better endeavors to work on, there and then Indian Army chief destroys it essence. New Indian Chief, Dalbir Singh Suhag uttered a statement threatening Pakistan to face to face a robust action in future. Uttering a statement at a crucial time when our foreign delegates are to meet on 25th August, would be discussing matters of mutual concerns, this statements seems thrashing and tormenting.

Narendar Modi apart from his style extended a hand of consideration towards Pakistan after he got elected as Prime Minister of India. This overall gave an impression of having a conducive environment for negotiations which we lacked before. Being Indian Army chief, he would not blind of the fact that Pak-India relations have always been fragile and needs a spark to catch fire anytime. Umpteenth times, the efforts of forming better relations were ruined due to terrorism and personal egos before.

At the very moment of uttering a statement hitting Pakistan, Indian Army chief got enlisted with the people known for hating Pakistan. India has always thought of Pakistan weak, benign and always on losing end. But he must also keep in mind that India tops in having the biggest social class and creed differences, has various separatist movements going on and the so called chauvinists love to fight in parliament. Pakistan too would be lagging about but International agenda is very much part of it.

Such kind of blatant and moody statement wasn’t expected from a senior position of Indian Army chief. This only let him earn some negative popularity and defamation as bonus. People then did not bother keeping an inch of regard and attacked his personality and character overall. Its only his highness would know that did he really mean it or it was a publicity stunt? But my suggestion on this would that India must work on this increasing social class gap and separatist-chauvinist movements, this might catch fire soon because then India would only be left to sell a good image in movies.

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