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Biggest Existential threat

The new battlefield of cyberspace involves tactics more detrimental than traditional warfare and poses a huge threat to the world. Taking the help of Israel and making growth in Cyber industry India is trying to bring the battle to new frontier. Cyber war is quite different from conventional warfare. It is fought on cyber space using different tactics like data gathering, equipment disruption, critical infrastructure attacks etc. In 2007 a report was published by a company that stated around 120 countries were developing ways to use internet as a tool to target financial markets. Pentagon is the top most institution to spend $100 million twice a year to fight the cyber-attacks.

Cyber warfare is a new battlefield for Government of Pakistan as Indian and Israeli agencies are using cyber world to defame Pakistan and its nuclear program. In 2007 Indian introduced a game Divine Matrix in which a simulation was included that how china will launch a cyber-attack before nuclear attack on India, That game was a hot topic for discussion for several weeks and at last India gave a statement that they want to build good relationship with China. Pakistan and India are already fighting this war, in 2012 a group of Indian Hackers defaced a website of Government of Pakistan and in response Pakistani hackers defaced many Indian websites, Not only India but several other countries like Israel, America etc. have launched a cyber-war against Pakistan to target its armed forces and nuclear assets.

They have been using different websites to defame our nuclear assets, their security and also that Al Qaeda is getting control of them. By using several social websites, blogging websites to post literature against Islam and Pakistan. Recently Israeli and Indian agencies attacked Pakistan Army by using some fake pictures about Baluchistan. They carry terror activities through proxy war and after that launch a campaign that these terrorists will reach the nuclear assets of Pakistan. This kind of Negative propaganda is mostly carried by the foreign intelligence agencies because Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear state in the world and also a biggest threat to Anti-Islamic countries. In a response to them Pakistani youth shared several pictures from Gaza and made viral on social media by exposing the brutality of Israel in Palestine.

Operation hangover was also launched by India against Pakistan to extract security information which was in India’s Interest. This operation was started when some Indian hackers attacked cellular company of Pakistan and their database. Based on Analysis that IP addresses from criminal data the fact was revealed that not only Pakistan but china is also a target of Israel, India and America. Social media is used by all of the states to make the opinion of public for or against any issue. Pakistan is already late on cyber space but by taking secure steps and making a good strategy we can tackle all of the attacks made by the foreign cyber armies.

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