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And while the big miscreant worldly-wise gamers are busy planning and executing their conniving mischief round the globe, with the cleverly picked bones of politics, religion, freedom and power, shuffling and juggling amidst the masses as they may please; what more could go wrong when the words like genocide and massacre seem the newly found sources of megalomaniac power pleasure of the so-called world rulers after the now redundant yet overly-used ‘isms’ like terrorism and Islamism. Where to sort the roots out from when all you could dig out is the favorite past-time i.e. clash of civilizations, clash of the most appropriate religion and what not, being fought by the most-uncivilized and deteriorated versions of human race till date. Try evading this blurry reality and what comes next is the abyss of conspiracy theories, feeding the identity crisis to the core. When culture, in general, agrees upon ‘diffusion’ from other cultures to stay alive, yet traditions, customs and values seem to fade away in due course. When all the abstract humane terms end up being empty hollow shells, affecting none. When a few empathetic ones are too negligent or scared to step up and take charge and all you could think of is saving your own self wearing the cloak of indifference. Prevailed futility and nonentity, isn’t it?

Wait! Something could still be done. Let’s rewind a bit.

Talking about the abstract humane terms and the growing absence of their essence let me share a quick-handy-fix. Let’s recall some universally effective gestures and acts that could lighten the mist of despair and  Nihilism for good.

1-Small deeds of goodness can still do wonders:

Force a smile, let it stay there selflessly for people you come across daily, be they strangers or of close affinity. Clear the passage up for passer byes. Hold the door for people beyond gender, cast or creed. Refrain from sharp tongue, difficult? I know. Trying wouldn’t do harm. Give someone a hand without expecting any return. Try staying in touch. Try maintaining a queue. Shake hands warmly. Try, at least once a day, not judging anyone on any basis whatsoever. For once, let go. And the list goes on.


You think you don’t have time for this, but trust me, you do. Give an empathetic ear to someone’s cathartic chatter, without judging, thinking of pertinent replies or solutions, or adding your own bits to it. Just listen, with patience. Once a day, shouldn’t be an issue. The speaker could be anyone on earth, could even be your pet dog or plant. A deed once done certainly crosses your path beyond time and space.

3-Find a purpose:

Sounds cliched. Nah, now is the time it’s required the most as the world brims with issues of every sort or specie. Make sure the purpose stays unfulfilled and you keep struggling for it. Let me enlighten you with one. Help, heal and save the little bit of humanity left on earth. Try restoring it every instant in one way or the other. The ways are countless, awaiting the will and soul missing for long.  Point 1 stated above could be the stepping stone for the newbie empathetic ones.

4-Love thyself and Others:

Knowing oneself is a must to love oneself. Once realizing this, try opening doors for others. Yes, humans are basically selfish in skin, now worse, however, are in dire need of peace of mind, which could easily generate from accepting people for who they are, giving them space to breathe and live, instead of categorizing and compartmentalizing them in religious sects, social strata or political alliance. Faith in humanity could still be restored with a stroke of respect for anyone and everyone.

5-Believe in Diligence and Longer Pursuits:

In the world where the prevalent mantra is of smart and sleek phones, bodies and strategies, talking about diligence and longer, tiresome pursuits may sure sound a drag. No wonder, the emptiness within, the aspiration for more and thirst for all. The key is again and would always be excellence. Yes, doing one’s best in any case and that could only come with devotion and dedication. Short-cuts are fleeting and momentary and so are their outcomes.

6-A talk with self:

Yes, literally speaking, you’ve got to meditate. Let go of your thoughts, stream of conscience and consciousness, and try filling yourself with light of faith; that whatever you are doing, if it benefits others, does in return benefit your own very self. Hence, the talk. Have it whenever and wherever you could let your soul have a field trip.

7-Count Your Blessings, if you may:

Pen them down if you tend to forget them every now and then. Use stick ons and paste them on your refrigerator as important reminders. You need to recharge your faith and this could be it.


Cosmic inflation discovery suggests, our universe may exist in a multivariate. It’s not merely a physicist’s hypothesis and is although debatable, does qualify one question and that is what on earth we are fighting for, selfish clueless blind-folded puny gods!

Imagine a few of us following a few of these. Hope itself could still outshine…

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