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As I pen this down, 1700 lives have been massacred in the conflict zone of Gaza, with major chunk of children being the victims of mass violence and injustice. Heart wrenching scenes of dead bodies, smoke emitting from the missile struck homes, people helplessly running and screaming; these gruesome atrocities the Israeli forces commit, all in the name of Self-Defense.

Since July 7, Palestinians’ residing in the Gaza city and the adjoining areas are exposed to Israeli shelling, missiles and bombs being droned at them, residential areas have been put down to ashes, unarmed civilians are made to  compete the high tech tanks and apache helicopters showering them with death petals one after the other.  The operation the IDF says is in the process to eliminate Hamas terrorists who fire rockets into the Israeli territory, unfortunately those rockets hardly cause any damage to the Israeli state whereas what they are doing in return to those rockets are awfully disturbing.

Isn’t it worth thinking that what does Israel has to protect itself from? From those weak mothers who aren’t even able to defend their young children and carry their dead bodies in their arms. From those powerless angry fathers who collect the human organs of their loved ones from under the rubble. Are these mothers’ fathers and innocent children so dangerous for the State of Israel that they have launched a massive operation to wipe them off from their own land?

This is absolutely maniac.

Any sane individual who holds a human heart made of flesh would be outrageous at the holocaust that the Palestinians are being endangered right now. It’s such a torture to even witness the mass violence on the screens, God knows what misery and suffering those poor souls must be going through. Does Israel need to protect itself from the young boys playing on the beach? Do they pose as criminals? Does Israel need to protect itself from the Gazan schools and mosques? Do these serve to be the safe haven of terrorists? Those schools were the only place the young boys could fulfill their dreams and those mosques would provide them chance to kneel before God. Everything destroyed, in the name of Self-Defense.

Unfortunately, no strong voice has come to the rescue of the poor Palestinians who are being annihilated in their own home, their Arab brothers have had their lips and hands tied while watching the gruesome oppression on the people of Gaza. Egypt has shown its back by closing the Raffah border, not letting the Palestinians’ flee; in fact aid and medical supplies are also not allowed through that route. What is the message they are trying to give? To participate equally with full concern making every possible move to be a part of the murderous onslaught.

Even the United Nations has no visible standing to stop the manslaughter that’s taking place, purposely with complete planning the bloodshed is carried forward with ground offensive also in happening. With repeated warning from the UN that a respective refugee camp/school had women and children, the IDF still bombed that place slaying human beings like insects. Yes, in the name of Self-Defense. Those refugees can hardly protect themselves and the enemy thinks they would attack them. I have completely come to a conclusion that the people driving this operation are absolutely lunatic.

The ministers of Israel encourage the killing of children and raping of the ladies to help lessen the resistance. Actually, they have gone nuts over the kind of retaliation the Palestinians’ show, their refusal to bend down and surrender to the Israelis; such are the people who live in tyranny and oppression in their own land but still combat with only weapon they have stones.  People all around the globe have stood in support of the Palestinian suffering urging the Israel to cut down on aggression. Huge numbers of protests are being recorded in every democratic country; premiers of the Latin American countries have expressed immense anger over Israel’s genocide.

Journalists are being kicked on screen, they are being killed and threatened to report the truth, all in the name of Self-Defense. I wonder what those injured disabled children lying in blood on the hospital beds must be thinking; they don’t have a Self-Defense, how unlucky are they. Scores of beautiful babies and children who provoke no harm to Israel is deprived of their right to live just because if they grow up they would resist to the Israeli occupation. This is so inhumane and unjust.

The powerful Muslim leaders should come forward and act as Self-Defense for the unarmed Palestinians’ that are being crushed in their homeland, this battle remains too unbalanced. Both the sides should have equal right of Self-Defense. The cruelty, destruction and lynching of the helpless should cease.

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