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Let`s Celebrate Eid In A Better Way!

Ramazan is considered as one of the holiest months in Islam for Muslims. It is also called the month of patience and blessings. We, as Muslims, are required to have fasts throughout this month. Furthermore, we are also required to pay charity to the deserving people in the forms of Zakat and Fitr.

As per Sharia, whatever good acts and prayers Muslims perform in addition to having fasts during this month, God multiplies those deeds several times and gives rewards for them accordingly. That is the reason why Muslims try to take lead in performing such acts which can please God the most. The point to be kept in mind in this regard is that only those good deeds please God which are performed with fair intention and are only for Him.

By now, we have already spent more than two third (2/3rd) of Ramazan-ul-Mubarak, i.e., there only are few days remaining before this holy month ends. But the question is, have we achieved the aimed or purity for which Ramazan was selected for Muslims religiously? Have we learnt the lesson from having fasts which had to help us lead our lives as per the directions of God conveyed by His Last Prophet (PBUH)? Frankly speaking, no one else can give the best answer to this, except consciencecan.

So, if we have really achieved the objective, then our performance is the best and we need at least to maintain it for the rest of the training period (Ramazan). However, if the situation is different, we will have to try our best to avail the remaining time of Ramazan especially including the precious “Layela-tul-Qadr” which is better than thousands of months. We need to do this because it could be a compensation of all our ill-deeds done previously. But, if we fail to do so, we will be missing the train about which we are not sure of catching it again next year. So, we need to start reacting NOW.

Eid is considered as the end of Ramazan. Allah has asked Muslims to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr in the end of the holy month because they have kept fasts for Him and now they are allowed to eat tasty things created by God for His creation. That is why Eid is regarded as a gift of God on abiding by His orders in Ramazan. Therefore, all the Muslims celebrate this day very happily. They wear new dresses & shoes, cook tasty foods and visit each other’s houses to have a get-to-gather.

Although people start their Eid shopping even before Ramazan, but in fact, the formal shopping begins with the commencement of the holly month. Then, the less number of days are remaining of Ramazan, the more time they devote to the Eid shopping. Our shopping reaches its peak immediately after the official announcement of Moon sighting.

According to the media reports, billions of rupees are spent on the occasion of Eid every year in Pakistan. This huge spending does not only include money for dresses, shoes and jewelries, but also comprises of the food items as well as decorating houses. No doubt, Eid needs be celebrated festively as per our Islamic traditions, but spending so much money for this purpose raises a big question on its religious status. Practically speaking, we do not seem to be more interested in observing Ramazan as we do in our Eid shopping. The way we prepare for celebrating Eid, it looks as if Eid is more important than the holy month which is full of blessings.

In fact, Eid is like a result day at a school for students after their exams. If students devote more time and attention to celebrating the results day than preparing for their exams, can they enjoy the big day in a better way then?In the same way, Eid is the reward from God to the Muslims after they have refrained from all the prohibited things and acts during Ramazan for the sake of God. So, how would we get the real joy and serene on Eid when we have given preference to Eid shopping than making the most use of Ramazan?

Presently, Pakistani society is not only facing the negative consequences of inflation and joblessness, but has also been badly affected by the disasters like flood, drought, terrorism and now operation in Waziristan. People have been facing these problems one after the other. So taking into account the prevailing worsening situation of the lower and poor classes of people, does it seem logical to spend so much money on Eid shopping by leaving our Muslim brothers helpless?

To tell the truth, if we spend not all, just half of the money of our Eid Shopping to help out the deserving people especially during Ramazan, it would not only please God, but would also enrich us with the true happiness of Eid. Let`s see who of us gets the most joy on Eid this time. May Allah enable all of us to celebrate Eid the way He expects us to…..Aameen!

Eid Mubarak in advance!

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