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Waziristan Smelling The Blood of Terrorists Or Innocents

Many controversial personalities are often picked up on TV saying Pak Army killing innocents, they cannot eliminate terrorism and few say that they can’t even kill a terrorist. All of these are conspiracy theories. Whenever I meet them we discuss about the Pre-ZarBeAzb picture as government feared about the reaction in other parts of country. Peace talks were on with TTP but operation was much needed as per every journalist but in one case operation was started all the TV channels turned their guns towards Army. In first phase of operation Pakistan Army cordoned of the area and made certain that only civilians leave the area after proper registration and verification.

When all civilians left the area then a specific group of journalists started saying that everybody has left the area and there are just empty buildings and houses. Pakistan Air force started the airstrikes and killed too many terrorists and destroyed their hideouts. Terrorists are apparently same like the local people, they wear same dress, and they try to copy locals so that they may look like them. Now when there are no more civilians then how journalists claim that those who are killed in airstrikes are innocents? Before they were saying terrorists are not there after some days they said there is nobody in NWA and then they said there are just civilians. I never understood such “Logical “statements. Terrorists are there and attacking our soldiers from their hideouts.

I met an IDP in Bannu Camp asked him about Taliban and their possible hideouts. He told me that few militants are in city areas and others in nearby villages that why when ground operation started Pakistan Army faced some resistance and in result of that 24 soldiers embraced shahadat. There might be some difference in the number of terrorists killed in airstrikes and ground operation but saying this that is no terrorist is mockery of facts. As far the killings of civilians are concerned a child can easily understand that when there are no civilians as they left the area before the ground operation started then how come they can die in any attack by Armed forces of Pakistan or in any Air strike.

It’s just a fake propaganda by the few journalists which are regular contributors for some international papers. They promote negativity about Pakistan because that’s what they are paid for. Few days back I received a call from a friend working with an international new channel, she sent me a recording in which a guy speaking Pashto (local Pakistani language) was saying that army is killing the civilians but didn’t mention any reference where and how? The only thing that came into my mind is that anybody can make such recordings and start blaming somebody for thing that didn’t even happen, Need of time is to think and understand the facts that who is working in the favor of Pakistan.

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