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Issues of Pakistan in every sense drop a regional impact. Be it terrorism, border issue, matters of national security or civil-military, they truly impact the region. Being placed in a very significant and strategic location, we own a sensitive situation. Just recently, Pakistan initiated an offense in troubled areas and from very next moments, US and Afghanistan mentioned their reservations over terrorists fleeing from NWA.

Last few weeks have been very important as officials from both sides were alleging Pakistan for pushing out terrorists into their territory which poses grave threats to them. Also, this enhances the impact of situation by blaming Pakistan for pushing out Good Taliban i.e. the Haqqani Network, declaring them our ally. However, Pak stance is very clear from very first day, not believing in the bifurcation of good or bad Taliban, with sole focus on chasing and hunting any and every terrorist no matter where it belongs to.

The point to remember here is that Taliban be it good or bad will continue to do whatever they are doing. If they take anybody’s side that definitely has some backdrop story, benefitting them. We, as Pakistanis only get blamed as we are victim of this. Radical groups prefer their own interests at every instant that could garner their aim and mal-vision. Also, US and Afghanistan will have nothing to do if Haqqani people get away. This is something that gives regional stakeholders talking stuff. It is a known fact that we are fighting against bad ones. Only pushing out good ones give them a chance to talk around. US and Afghanistan crying out about pushing out Haqqani network keep the regional bad impact of Pakistan alive.

Now the irony does not stop here. On one side Afghanistan retaliates if Pakistan calls for securing border and very next moment, they assume that Pakistan is responsible for any attacks that will happen in Afghanistan in future. Also, Pakistan umpteenth time appealed Afghanistan to take action against those who fled and entered their territory but Afghanistan gave it a deaf ear. Now when they might have spread around, they are crying out loud of getting insecure.

This level of strategic immaturity does not end here. Afghanistan with US presence must ensure their support in order to end terrorism as US is sitting in Afghanistan over last whole decade to do the same job. They should have ensured strong border security of not letting terrorists on loose. But they did and now complaining of not being effective against all sorts of Taliban’s. US have already tried to torment the policies of Pakistan by continuing drone attacks in war hit area of NWA, letting people apprehend assumptions out of it, creating more chaos.

From very start, Afghanistan has asked for enormous favours but did not even bother to acknowledge our efforts. Similar is the current situation, they complaint but does not look around. In order to make a clean start, Afghanistan itself has to take an initiative by regulating Durand Line in order to stop this import and export business of terrorism but chances of acceptance of this idea are very less. Secondly, what Afghanistan could ensure is a sweep out operation in its territory in order to show their support, which seems not happening.

Apart from Afghanistan, US at least could give a suggestion to Afghanistan to consider our plea, terms and conditions for better and secure future. Otherwise, this whole situation just implies that either of them doesn’t want regional peace or they want dirty business to carry on. But Pakistani authorities must ensure our very own security because we have already suffered a lot. It’s not the US or Afghanistan who has bearded thousands of deaths and loss of infrastructure on the name of collateral damage.

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