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It was a long queue of patients in “Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad” some on wheelchairs and some standing in the corner waiting impatiently for the  “Orthopedic Surgeon” outside his room which state timings 9:00am to 12:00. As I entered in with my mother it was already 9:20, on seeing an empty chair nearby I made her sat on it and went to take a number [parchi] on which it was written Rs 2, but counter man asked for Rs10 from me which felt absurd to me, but still I paid him that money and he gave number 26 to me. I went back to my mother and sat beside her. Now it was 9:45, but there was no sign of that doctor.

“When the doctor usually comes?” I inquired to the patient sitting near. “He usually comes late”, she replied. In the meantime,

Meanwhile, I realized that fans were switched off. “Can you please switch on the fans” I urged to the peon who was prowling here and there as

dominant figure and yelling at the patients who’s asking for the doctor. “These fans aren’t working”, he gave me a pale reply and went.

 It was now almost 10:15, when a tall dark figure in a nice suit and boots walked from the hall towards the room and that prowling figure right after him carrying his white coat and some files.

Finally, the peon started calling a number and the patients one by one went inside a room. Meanwhile it was a 5th number to be called off, when peon came to us and told that doctor is calling us inside as {as I was his daughter’s friend].I stood up with my mother went in. He prescribed my mother some medicines as she is suffering from softening of bones. We came out took the medicines from pharmacy within the hospital and went. Before leaving I turned around and saw that the patients who came early before us were still standing there waiting for their call. I was feeling guilty, but to my conscience it was not a new thing. I was the friend of doctor’s daughter. And that is the reason why I was called in before others patients. I myself is against this favourism, but that is what usually happens in Government Hospitals.

The Government Hospitals are there to service the poor, but sadly and hopelessly that is not happening in real. The poor are far away from those rights. And their rights are being used by upper class; the example of this Hospital is one of them. Every Surgeon In government hospitals comes late which make poor patients suffer if they have no source to reach to that doctor. Furthermore, the staff of Government Hospitals treats the patients below the acceptable standards.

The doctors should understand that they are highly paid for these poor patients and not for their relatives who can afford the fees of Private Hospitals. Moreover favourism is not the only problem of Government hospitals, but the conditions of the hospitals are also very bad as fans don’t work while doctor sits in an air conditioned room. Insufficient lab facilities including working equipments in comparison to number of beds.

Besides, one will never find medicines at government hospitals, and the authorities concerned always give a lame excuse of not having sufficient funds for medicines and other essentials items. In fact, funds for medicines are misused, leaving the common man to suffer mental and physical agonies.

Ironically, our leaders are not much bothered about these issues. When our leaders need medical assistance, they always fly off to the UK, UAE etc. The government should put doctors under tight scrutiny on the pattern of private hospitals. They should remember the oath taken by them.

The Government Hospitals need a serious inspection .I beg authorities to tackle this problem as in Pakistan Minorities have some rights too.

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