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Pakistanis yell for Gaza but silent on bomb blasts of Pakistan

Pakistanis yell on Gaza killings but silent on bomb blasts of Pakistan, hypocrisy at its best?

The topic we talk about tells our priority. Pakistanis, who use social media, are discussing Gaza more than IDPs (Internally displaced persons) and military operation (Zarb e Azb). Since last one week, viral hash tags on twitter (in Pakistan trends) are #AttackonGaza, #FreePalestine, #WorldCup (of FIFA). Doesn’t this reveals that Pakistanis care more about Palestine than their own homeland?

One word that defines the contradictory behaviour of Pakistanis is HYPOCRICY. When the decision of military operation had to be taken, the opinion of people was divided even political parties were not agreed to support military operation against terrorists.

Jamat-e-Islami is going to do protests on Gaza attack, to show solidarity with Palestinians BUT voted against Zarb e Azb when national assembly had to pass resolution in favour of Zarb e Azb.

Similarly, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf(PTI) launched political rally in Islamabad yesterday, to show solidarity with Gaza but abstained from voting when resolution was to be passed for Zarb e Azb on 16th July.

More than 75000 Pakistanis lost their lives in terrorists’ attacks and bomb blasts. Hardly any political party or social group launched protest against it, while Israel attacked Palestine and all groups in Pakistan are ready to protest on roads to show solidarity with Gaza.

Im against Israel attacks on Gaza. I condemn Palestinians’ killings BUT being a Pakistani, our focus should be to stand with our army and help IDPs. IDPs of North Waziristan are our heroes. They have left their homes, their property so that they and we, all of us can have peace in our country. In this month of Ramadan, we should help our brothers and sisters of North Waziristan instead of wasting our energies in protests on Gaza attacks. Have you ever heard Palestinians protested against bomb blasts happening in Pakistan? No, not a single Arab country ever protested to show solidarity with Pakistanis. Rather, Pakistan is the country that doesn’t recognize Israel. Pakistan has no foreign relations, unlike other Muslim and Arab countries, with Israel that is prove of solidarity with Palestinians.

I wonder how social media activists in Pakistan yelling that Pakistan Army should go to Gaza. LOL, how can it be possible? Don’t they know Pakistan is abide by International laws, don’t they know UN has not called any session to discuss about attack on Gaza, don’t they know that aim of Pakistan army is first to save Pakistan? When our forces are busy in fight against terrorists, how come they can leave the state in chaos and go to Gaza?

We need to rethink over our priorities. Pakistan is and should be our first priority. We need to focus on helping IDPs. All those who want to do protest, please do protest… BUT protest against terrorists, against those bomb blasts because of whom we lost 75000 gems of our country and because of whom 75000 families have suffered.

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