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Deception of the system

Deception, is a word we often use, the word carries far deeper meanings than we perceive. Deception is not just trickery, it is infact a tool, a vital tool for the ruling elite to keep the masses under control, to play with them like puppets without them even realizing that they are being played with.

In this short write up,I`ll focus on how the system has developed a deceptive superstructure to deceive us, to prevent us from uniting against the system which hasn`t only enslaved us, but which also carefully exterminates any threat that rises against it.

After WWII, the United Nations came into being to prevent massive wars and conflicts in the world, through UN, some countries received the veto power and in this way the foundations of the system of deception were cemented.

Soon after the creation of U.N.O, in 1948, the state of Israel was created, not constitutionally, but through illegal means, the world remembers 1948 as the year of Naqba (Day of Catastrophe) when millions of Palestinians were displaced by the newly formed Israel. Israel would never have become a state if the 2 nations with veto power had not accepted its inception, U.S.A and U.K.

The aim of this article is not about the creation of Israel,so we will leave it there, it has been almost over half a century and the matter hasn`t been resolved, any further debate on it would be futile. What we are discussing here is the amazing deception we now call U.N.O. The world has seen countless wars since WWII, wars between Pakistan and India, the Kashmir dispute, Arab-Israel war, Cold war, Iran-Iraq war, unjust invasion of Iraq, Serebrenica massacre, the ongoing conflict in the middle east and the continuous oppression over Gaza. The so called United Nations Security Council has been totally redundant every time.

The veto nations do whatever they want, however they want ,with total impunity. The role of U.N as a puppet organization has further been unveiled in the recent Israeli aggression over Gaza. The entire world has been calling on U.N to step in and stop Israel, but the U.N hasn`t been able to even condemn Israeli aggression firmly.

Here in lies the deception. As the world looks towards U.N, Israel backed by USA and UK continues to massacre and murder civilians in Gaza, UN acts like a firewall protecting every act of extremism, every act of tyranny, every act of inhumanity. A passenger jet was shot down, by a missile in an active war zone, what has the U.N done to bring justice? Nothing and nothing will happen, the war in Ukraine will go one and intensify, world powers will use this event as an excuse to step in the region and destabilize it too. Why? because war brings profit, to wage a war you need money, you need ammo, you need banks and who controls the banks? I think we all know who introduced the banking system and who has been in control of it till this day.

This argument begs the question,if U.N can`t even put across a firm statement to condemn Israel, then has it not lost the objective it was supposed to carry out? Or is U.N a tool in the hands of world powers to invade any country they wish on a false pretext of WMDs and terrorists and get away with it?

Furthermore, who defines a terrorist? We have seen that the world media labels the resistance in Gaza as terrorists, whereas the pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine are titled mildly as “Rebels” even after shooting down a passenger jet? Anti Assad fighters in Syria were labelled as resistance and rebels even after killing thousands whereas the same people against Maliki`s government in Iraq are titled as terrorists?

Open your eyes and try to see past the mist, the U.N, the media are all a part of the superstructure created by the elite to mask the reality. The reality is that perceptions and mindsets are created for a purpose by the elite. We have stopped thinking, we are only fed information and the perception created by it is called our reality when it isn`t. The reality is totally different, the U.N, the media everything is here to divert and disperse you, the individual from uniting and eliminating all such elements.

There are 7 billion humans in this world, and in the last 3 weeks we have failed to stop Israel a nation with a population of almost 7 million from murdering Gaza which has a population of almost 2 million.

2 million people are being held hostage at the hands of 7 million and the 7 billion are just watching the massacre like a herd of sheep, waiting for their turn.

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