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Recalling innocent EID Memories from Childhood and trends of past!

Trends and behaviors have changed largely with Passage of time…Lets refresh ourselves and look back in EID trends back in 80’s and 90’s…

Sabar karo Sbar karo, Sabar bari cheez hai;

Aaj chaand raat hai kal subha EID hai…

Well this innocent shair must be acquainted to all of my fellows who lived in pre-social media and pre smart phone era. With the advent of Ramadan, there were all sorts of activities related to EID observed by us as children and things used to pace up with every passing Roza.

We used to exchange EID cards alongside small gifts inside the envelope.  I firmly remember Khan bhai roaming around in streets carrying a big stack of wood displaying all sorts of EID post cards each amount Rs.1. We used to spend hours and hours in selection of EID card for our social circle. The most famous and in demand card was Bandar wala Card displaying picture of naughty Black Gorilla. This was Marjory given to a naughty friend as an acceptance of his Khidmaat as being most notorious and funny of the whole lot of friends. Post cards carrying pictures in different poses of various filmstars were also in fashion mainly for the Shauqeen type people. There were post cards of our national heroes with likes of Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Saeed Anwar etc. I used to purchase these poses of cricketers and keep it with me as a token of my attachment to these Guys. Then there were cards showing religious places like as Khana-e-Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabawi (S.A.W.) which was shared with descent and elderly friends and relatives. Some fellows who were good in drawing used to prepare colorful EID cards manually. One of my school-mate who was good in making characters of Ninja Turtles used to prepare such cards and sell in Rs.1 to the class fellows; an innocent thing remembered with smiles today.

People used to send hard copy paper EID cards to their relatives living in other cities/countries. The purchasing of these cards from book shops was a wonderful experience in itself. Descent and innovative cards were purchased for sending the relatives. This was the supreme class of EID cards for sending via Pakistan post. The purchased card type and amount spent largely depended upon the degree of relationship with particular person. Often mothers used to write letters to her parents who were distant and send it inside the envelope. Isay kehte hai AIKK TEER SE DO SHIKAAR!

As soon as the moon was sighted, little children used to roam in streets; singing various trendy lines with respect to EID. Last minute Chaand raat shopping was a big attraction ; getting cone Mehndi for our sisters. They used to spend hours and hours of decorating each others hands with Mehndi in a gathering filled with urgency, smiles and giggles. Bangles were purchased by women for themselves and for gifting others on EID day. Gift packages with EID cards and associated gifts were prepared on chand raat. This not only included for the close relatives but also for some good acquaintances in Gali/Muhalla.

On the EID day, Khan bhai used to come in the streets with gadgets of entertainment for the children. This included game Challa/rings to get prizes of luck with 5 attempts costing Rs.5. The prizes included toys, biscuits chocolates etc. I never played this game as my father defied my from this juwwa game. Another big attraction with Khan bhai was the Bulls eye game of hitting two balloons at a time with prize of Rs.5 and two attempts were given for Rs.1. We used to play this game but I was neither able to hit two balloons at a time nor the plastic statue soldiers laid in queue.  I felt disappointed and down after each attempt but later somebody told me “ke bhayya us Bandooq ki naal heee seedhi nahee hoti theee” Ahem Aheem, no further comments samajh jao bas

With the passage on time and rise of internet, we saw online trend of sending e-cards to friends and relatives around back in year 2000. This was a major shift in choices. We then used to go to online websites mainly 123greetings.com and EIDmubarak.com and then select most attractive and meaningful cards. This was in itself a time consuming activity while we select cards, background appearance and music for booking on tentative EID day. Then wait for the person to see the card and hit back with appreciative comments and thank you e-card.

With the clutch of social media and mobile technology, we are used to of greeting each other online and via sms. General state of peace of mind is also missing today in Pakistan. Old trends have slowly been discarded. Old ways are still used but mainly replaced by latest trends of online connections and wishes. But it is a pleasant surprise still today if somebody use old trends like hard copy paper EID cards for wishing each other. This not only refreshes memories of past but also induce a sense of care within each other. This time I am spending my EID abroad, but I definitely plan to revive some old trends for the next time celebrating EID in Pakistan. If you are there, it’s not bad to give it a try; definitely you will get only cheers and cheers in return!

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