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MiranShah to Banu

Sounds of bullets, killing of young girls, after kidnap and rape. Killing of young guys who were anti extreme mindset. Killings of all those moderate Pashtuns who are always busy to support their family and don’t endorse any kind of militancy. This is “MiranShah” where I got birth and spent 17 years of my lifespan. I am in love with the verdure of my country, the natural beauty, the calmness of the night & songs of birds. It’s not a 24/7 scenario, after every hour we have a tragic news that the girl kidnapped and raped by unknown people or a dead body found near sewerage area.

Everybody knows who is doing this, but nobody speaks against them. They are strong enough that they enter the dwellings of the poor and kill them if they don’t obey their orders. Starting from Khan Jalal Dawar (tribal leader) & there was no termination of this slaughter, because the government of Pakistan never gives importance to our area and it looks like we are not a part of this country. One day when I was listening to the radio two cars stopped outside of my house & two dead bodies were brought inside by my relatives, one was of my Baba (father) & another one of my Lala (brother).

I was traumatized to see and forgot how to cry? Life was over; no source of income later on them, no security. My mother sent me with my uncle to another village & promised me that she’ll come after some days, but she didn’t, because she got killed by same unknown people on the same day. Media covered it as a fight between two tribes, but I knew my People don’t rape & kill women; it’s somebody else who is doing this. Everybody knew about them, but nobody talked. One time my father & brother did, but they caught nothing but death. A few days went along quietly as there was a curfew; later on I heard that Pakistan Army is going to launch an operation against the unknown armed persons. I was glad that finally somebody will take revenge of my family. The day I left my village I saw soldiers around villages helping local people. Journey of 2 hours was completed in 5.

I arrived at the IDP camp established in Banu. After going over our ID cards they let us enter the camp, gave us food & place to sleep. Physicians and other staff were there to help us. Today early morning I was enjoined that the village next to mine has been demolished by Pakistan Army. I began screaming and crying because I knew the killers were hiding there. Although am not feeling good in this camp as it’s not my village, my home… but still am glad that after the success of this operation I will go back to my land. , A female doctor asked me if I support this operation. My heart started crying, I replied yes I do, I do from the deep of my heart not because it’s against those militants who killed my family, but the success of this operation will bring smile on the faces of kids & elders as they’ll go back to their homeland, The Land of singing birds.
(Story of Spoogmaye a young girl in the IDP camp established in Banu).

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