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With every passing day, situation is getting crucial in Pakistan. A lot of fronts are open, public dreaming for a sound solution but nobody has yet come up with a single glimpse of hope. It seems like solutions for our problems either exist no more or we don’t want them to get solved. Current situation is kind of paralyzing the already devastated working of Pakistan.

At one side, we have got our forces conducting an operation against the biggest hub of terrorism, known for exporting terrorism out. Then we have Polio epidemic rising continuously bringing us on a tough spot, bearing the spot of a country failed in eradicating Polio. Power shortages and energy crisis are chasing faces to our administrative authorities, assuring this fact that we will never get rid of this crisis. Daily protests, increased unemployment rate and creaky behavior of public have become a signature mark. The lost still continues and grows tormenting when you see the political cum religious leadership is ready to topple the already deteriorating situation, brining nothing good out of it. Terror shock wave has jolted our economy upside down.

At such a crucial time, we see that our Prime Minister leaves for Saudia Arabia, this just not goes with the entire chaos we are in. PM went to Saudia Arabia for almost two weeks, with his family, carrying almost 200 carets of Mangoes to rejoice the moments with his Saudia friends. No doubt, PM is a high up, executive head of this country; this demands high security and protocol as well, which was given when only 60 seats were filled out of 300 of that passenger plane. What must be applauded is that PM will bear the travelling expenses himself.

I pray that may Allah accept his all prayers and worship at the holy place of Muslim world. But I truly believe that He would have granted him much if PM would have stayed here with those who are helping discreetly to let him rule us for his tenure. It’s time to count on those people who have sacrificed their dearest and nearest belongings for nothing but just a secure Pakistan. Why is it only the fate of people of Pakistan to suffer in utmost humid, tiring and scorching heat, for a single moment of peace they could be blessed with?

Its demand a hell of courage and selflessness to give away something built in years with all hard work, love and affection. People of Pakistan have sacrificed their belongings and possessions and precious of all their lives while waiting for a better future. They could only ensure their support for every national cause that comes but every deal has to be made by our political leadership. And leaving country in such times would tarnish all the support gathered by people; kindly take care of these sentiments.

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