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Let’s do some social work on social media, for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) of North Waziristan

‘Chalo yaar aj Iftari bahar kartay hain’..This is a common sentence that almost all of us hear regularly these days. We go out for Iftars and arrange Iftar parties at our homes nowadays. Don’t you think we have become senseless? About 1 million of our countrymen and women are in tough situation these days. Yes, im talking about IDPs. Can’t we stop wasting our money on Iftar parties and extra eid clothes and donate it for IDPs? The reason of our cold attitude is that we have self centered approach, not national one. We need to think beyond our own selves for national cause. Helping our sisters and brothers means we will help our own self.Success of Zarb e Azb and settlement of IDPs to their homes will ensure peace in our country. Instead of arranging Iftar Parties, if the same money is donated for Pakistan IDPs it may save few lives from starvation and hunger and they might be able to celebrate Eid.

We can make apps for World Cup, we can make apps for political parties and celebrities, and then why can’t our developers make an app for IDPs? Even top 10 smart phone apps were viral on social media from dozens of apps developed world wide for football fans.

There is need of making smart phone app that can tell people what items are short in IDPs camp. Journalists like Talat Hussain, are reporting that food items are not required medicine, clothes, shoes etc are required.

Smart phones are used by elite and business class and that group is the one that can donate more for IDPs. If ‘IDPs need’ smart phone app is installed in people’s smart phones, they can donate required items to the relevant authorities, just on one click from their mobile.

Entrepreneur is the one who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.

Our entrepreneurs should look in to this idea. They can work on this smart phone app development and meet the need of society right now.

I’m sure, this app will be very useful and viral.

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