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Come On Messi!!! The rest can go to Hell

At last FIFA world cup 2014 ended up on 13th of July 2014 after so many pulsating and thrilling matches. From June 12 to July 13 the entire world was so busy in watching the game of vacillating destiny with countless wishes and cheer ups for their favorite teams. Germany has won the title and the shouting voices of ” Come on Messi” and ”Come on Mario” are down after the finals. Game of oscillating fortune ended up and brings unfortunate tragedy again in the lives of Gaza’s peoples; when the football lovers were enjoying semifinals and finals the poor philistines were offering funeral prayers of their loved ones and collecting leftover belongings from their ruined houses. Gaza is under attack and along with this the terrorist activities by ISIS are destroying Iraq and Syria in parallel by demolishing the shrines and killing the innocent peoples.

Many of us are regularly praying for our Muslim brothers in Gaza and rest but, if someone in your neighbor is hungry and you have extra food in your kitchen than your prayer is not required in that case; you being a Muslim is obliged to provide that extra food to him. If someone is dying in front of you and you are capable of saving his or her life than you are compelled to do so; your prayers may not work alone. Undoubtedly Prayers is the instrument of miracle but without action the prayer is nothing but hypocrisy.

Some practical steps have been taken in different countries by Muslims and non Muslim communities. Millions of people have taken to the streets to protest against the Israeli incursion in Gaza. Massive protest has been recorded on social media. Peace lovers have changed their profile pictures just to give message to Israel that the terrorism in Palestine e is totally unacceptable. Non Muslims are also protesting for Gaza on humanitarian ground. This is appreciable but not enough!!! Will we show the changed profiled pictures and shared posts on Day of Judgment???Don’t you think something more is required this time???

Exactly!!! Something more is required this time from the sleeping rulers of Muslim World. This time is very critical; we are fighting with external and internal foes, Unity of Muslim Countries is the vital requirement of today’s world. The leaders should jointly take decisions for the affected areas of Palestine, Iraq and Syria and for the future of their country also so that no one else in future can dare to attack. But this is not as easy as to write and talk about it. The Caliphs of Muslim world have more attraction in begging of money from the developed countries to full fill their unlimited demands; financial aid they gather goes in their self progress and bank accounts, not for the benefit of their country. They have vague mission and vision for the nation; they are fond of parties, showoff and luxurious life style. They have no feelings for the orphans, widows and laminating parents.  Powerful Muslim countries like Saudi-a-Arabia and Egypt can stop supply of oil and trade with Israel and America but they don’t want to destroy their relations with them so they are silent for their personal benefits.

Unfortunately, Mohammad Bin Qasim is not alive to come for help of poor mothers, sisters and daughters of Palestine, Iraq and Syria. They have no hope from the rulers; they are looking towards us. We can wake up for nights to enjoy the matches of our favorite teams; we can sacrifice our sleeps for getting good marks in exam; we can spend  our money to have parties and picnics with friend and families so why not this time for our Muslim brothers of Gaza , Iraq ,Syria and etc? We, Pakistanis can do anything; we have shown our bravery in 2005 for rehabilitation of the earth quake victims; we were like an iron wall in the war of 1965; we have courage; we have talent; we have hope and last but not the least we are experienced to faced situation like this because we are also struggling against the terrorist activities of our internal rivals and neighbor countries from decades.

Social Media has proven his influence to spread the Message to everyone faster than anything else. We can use it positively to provide beneficial assistance to the deprived Muslim brothers. We can write more and more on these issues to strongly convey our message to the so called caliphs of our countries. We can start fund raising here to help the victims. We can boycott the products of countries which are involved in this brutality and those who are silent on it. We can arrange gatherings and protests without destroying the property of state to enforce government to announce official boycott. We need to be united and be practical this time and to do this we have to show the same courage and sacrifices of our sleeps and comforts like we do so in exams, world cup matches, picnics and social gatherings. We have to prove that youth of 2014 is much stronger and united than the youngsters of 1965.

We are capable enough but who cares!!So leave it… ”Come on Messi”, “come on Mario” for the Next FIFA world cup, the rest can go to hell.

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