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Tormenting Pak-Afghan Relations

Pakistan-Afghanistan relationship has been victim of contradictory interests. The two have apparently in good relations but Afghanistan is one, who always go for its interests, following the global trend of realism, whether it is in becoming politically or strategically proxy of US which harm regional interests or to get and do support for India which creates many problems for its neighbouring country like Pakistan.

Pakistan always wanted for a friendly government in Afghanistan so that the western border could be measured secure. Beside that it always considers that stability in Afghanistan leads stability in Pakistan.  Recently a very unfortunate incident took place when two soldiers including a captain embraced Shahadat while two soldiers got injured in an attack on a check post in the Bajaur tribal Agency from across the western border by militants. Pakistan is already passing through very crucial stage as it already fighting with terrorism in its tribal areas. If our neighbours cannot control their borders at this time what good else we can expect from them.

If we review the history we will observe that Pakistan since the birth of Afghanistan supported it. Afghanistan being a buffer state faced and still faces many problems, Pakistan always help it to get rid from its entire problems. For establishing a democratic government in Afghanistan, Pakistan did positive initiatives but in return gets nothing. What Pakistan is facing today in forms of terrorism, one cannot easily ignore that sympathies for Afghanistan played a very crucial role in it. Pakistan which is supporter of democracy in Afghanistan got worse in relationship with it during President Hamid Karzai’s first term in office. Pakistan was not only cut off from the region’s mainstream politics but also blamed for the chaos engulfing Afghanistan.  After Karzai’s government, at the time of recent elections in Afghanistan, Pakistan offers them with their help as Pakistan has tighten security on its western boarder to avoid any unfortunate incident over there and promote democracy in Afghanistan. Same is for security conditions, Afghanistan never try to secure Pakistan from militancy, rather back militancy in Pakistan.

Up till now, almost four attacks occurred targeting Pakistan forces from western border in the running year. After recent attack from Afghanistan border whether it was from militants, Pakistan will no more tolerate this behaviour. There should be a strong reaction needed from Pakistani government.  Pakistan Army has never attacked Afghanistan, but Afghan Askars attacked a post near chaman in 1954, Bajaur in 1960/61, dislodged by operations by Army/PAF. There should be any proper solution for Afghanistan as this behaviour cannot endure anymore. Few of our analysts and media persons have taken this as “Mian Sharif’s romance with Karazi’s cabal is costly and pointless.” Few of the views are that Pakistan must deliver a hard punch to attackers from Afghanistan. Enough is enough!!!

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