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It’s sad isn’t it that our free country is not safe for the women residing here, On one side our democratic government claims they are providing equal rights and opportunities to all. On the other hand the harsh reality is churches are blasted, Masjid are targeted and above all a regrettable incident is the massacre happened in LAHORE at PAT secretariat.  

Although I don’t support Tahir ul Qadri but being a woman I felt sad on what happened on PAT head office and ashamed of this elected government. But a question arises here  is it the political party which we elected to run our beloved country PAKISTAN?

According to media which includes newspapers and TV channels it was stated that PAT workers were gathered in front of their secretariat because Punjab government sent police to remove barriers in front of TUQ residence despite court order.  They were not doing anything which was against the law but suddenly Lahore Police charged and shelled the  unarmed demonstrators, around 100 plus protesters were also arrested. When PAT’s volunteers came out; including women; to protest against this act then police fired indiscriminately till now 21 people are dead and among those there 2 women including a pregnant lady.


Those people were protesting peacefully for their cause which is their right but our Punjab government thought that they are violating . Is this correct or according to any law? They were using their right of showing disapproval towards any act. Mr. Tahir Ul Qadri also criticized CM Punjab for denying responsibility for the killings of his party workers. He said that all those who were killed would receive ‘eye-for-an-eye’ justice (Qisas). Mr. Qadri stated that the police took action, on the orders of the government, because of his support for the army during the ongoing operation in North Waziristan. “Anyone who stands in support of the army is seen by the government as their biggest enemy,” he said, adding that the government has been against the military since the 90s.



Sadly those protestors did not thought that they were protesting in front of barbaric illiterate people…who only listen to money and power.

It looks like that Maryam Nawaz is the only woman who is living safely in Pakistan.

It was clearly shown in the media that state used the arms on innocent people in Lahore. What justification Punjab Government has for this brutal act of killing innocent people including women?

They were clearly showing that nobody is allowed to raise voice for their rights. Among the supporters hit by straight fired bullets by police, one of the deceased PAT supporter is a 16-year-old. Two women have also reportedly been killed in the skirmish.

The saddest part is a FIR has been lodged  against Dr .Qadri’s son along with  hundreds of PAT workers what a BRAVE ACT!

I was in trauma from that PAT’s incident that another one happened in Lahore.


MQM’s MNA  Tahira Asif   was attacked by unknown assailants while going back to Islamabad from Lahore Number of bullets were shot with a point blank range. She was rushed to Shaikh  Zaid hospital Lahore, As She was in a critical condition so underwent a number of surgeries and remained in the intensive care unit (ICU) on a life support machine until her tragic death in the small hours on Friday. She couldn’t survive due to heavy loss of blood. It was a shocking and very tragic announcement when I heard late night announcement, MQM leader, Isharat Zehra, confirmed Tahira Asif had succumbed to her gunshot injuries in Lahore and said “With a heavy heart, I am sharing this tragic news with you that our sister Tahira Asif has passed away. She lost her battle against death in the hospital around midnight”.

The question is why she was attacked? This shows the complete failure of Punjab government.   This is the time when our support and unity should be with Pakistan Army rather than doing politics.  At the same time a girl in Punjab was raped and hanged on a tree and not too long ago, a woman was stoned to death within the premises of Lahore High court by her own family.  It looks like Punjab government has completely failed to protect women and their God given right.

The responsibility of above mentioned incidents lies on Chief Minister Punjab. I demand CM’s resignation so that transparent inquiries can take place. Currently our armed forces are fighting one of the biggest wars against terrorism in North Waziristan. The country can’t afford such mismanagement like what happened outside TuQ’s residents. The political leadership should show the maturity by supporting Pakistan Army and uniting the nation for that cause.

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