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Ever since the news broke out, it was not only disturbing and scary for the children, but also an alarming signal for the parents of that era.

It was the news of a serial killer, who sexually assaulted 100 children and then brutally killed each of them by putting in a tank of hydro caloric acid – Javed Iqbal.

At the age of 10, it was very difficult for me to interpret the former part of that news – the part of “child sexual abuse.” This article is there by based on the understanding of that former part.

Child sexual abuse and existence of Pedophiles lie at the heart of this taboo. It was not before, neither now and nor it will ever be universally acceptable in any religion, culture or society for a man or a woman to desire sex with children. Speaking in the language of Sigmund Freud, these child molesters commit such offenses to fulfill their sexual urges towards children. Subconsciously, they do not have control over their desires and they can’t help themselves any time they see a child.

So who was Javed Iqbal? A pedophile, or a child sexual abuser, or just a sadist who was quenching the thirst of pleasure by doing all such misdeeds or a satin in veil of a human body! It is still difficult to understand the motive behind all those sins. But what make these monsters to commit such a dreadful act towards children? Experts say Pedophilia is a diagnosable psychological condition that refers to people who prefer prepubescent children who do not have an adult body shape for sexual partners. People who commit offenses with children are not necessarily pedophiles. Therefore, all pedophiles are not child molesters, and all the people who molest a child are not necessarily also attracted to them sexually. In fact, according to a research, only 20% child sexual abusers are “true” pedophiles, so one cannot easily distinguish between a child abuser and a pedophile.

Very recently, American Family Association (AFA) has declared Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation, due to tremendous pressure from pedophile activists. It’s not difficult to see what this will lead. More and more children will become sexual prey!

The practice of pedophilia exists in every country. In Afghanistan, the term Bacha Baazi considered as a cultural practice, where in powerful men enhance their social status by keeping boys as a sexual toy. This act of sexual slavery has been practiced in their tradition from centuries. In India, it is estimated that two out of every three children are physically abused. The fact that it has never been discussed so openly among the family members or friends or in education and never been talked about in media due to the consideration of an extremely forbidden talk.

Nowadays, many children use social networking sites that help a child molester in finding their victim. Thereby, Pedophiles easily develop friendship with children, manipulate and finally arrange meeting to fulfill their sexual desires. The solution will not achieve by stopping our children to use facebook or twitter or by making their profiles & pictures customized. Family and particularly the parents have to play their role. They need to be vigilant. They have to show love and attention to their children and build a relation of trustworthiness and friendship. It has also been observed that children do not easily open to anybody due to the fear that they have committed something wrong or that no one would believe them. Listen what your child is saying and make them aware & educate so they can protect themselves. In majority of cases, the perpetrator is a relative, neighbor, teacher or a family friend who can be close to the child and the parents live in denial.

This inherent obsession needs to be removed to protect our present and future generations. Many cases go unreported and unnoticed and eventually destroy the innocence and purity of the children. The personal safety should not only be taught by parents at home, but should also be made mandatory as a community-based sex education at schools. Children need to be given clear instructions that they should not let anyone touch their bodies and they should immediately approach to their parents if they recognize any inappropriate behavior. This societal change is needed for good. We may not be able to entirely eliminate this hysteria from our society or rely on the government to take actions by the implementation of certain stringent policies against these culprits, but we can at least avoid this taboo from our homes and can save the purity of our children.

Being a Child is not what it seems!
A world full of hopes,
A heart full of dreams.
The ice cream parlor,  where everyone goes.
The little Secrets that no one knows!
Going to sleep a heart full of fear!
Wiping away the last little tear!
It’s searching for love,
And no one’s around.
And searching for help that can’t be found.
It’s going to sleep and wanting to die!
How much more can I cry?

-Christine Schlumbrecht

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