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Are Muslim “Caliphs” Still Sleeping?

By now more than 160 Palestinians including children have been killed in the strikes by the Israeli army. There have been over a week since the Israeli brutality has been continuing, but no notable voice has yet been raised against this. Not only the UN, but also the Islamic countries could not record a strong protest over the massacre by the Israeli forces.

More than any other Islamic country, Pakistan is enriched with the Muslim extremists who, no matter they speak on the oppression or injustice to the common country-men by the rulers, dictators, landlords or upper class people, or not , but they very actively raise their voice and record their violent protest over any harm to the Muslims caused by non-Muslims. In this context, they do not hesitate to train and send their “Mujahedeen” across the borders to help the victims. Afghanistan, Pakistan, occupied Kashmir, India, Iraq and Egypt are the most important examples in this respect whose borders have been badly violated by them.

Regarding Pakistan, such a trend has been so common and continuous that the international media has started blaming Pakistan of exporting terrorism to the outside world. TTP, Al-Qaida, Lashkar-e-Jhangnvi, Lashkr-e-Taiba, Jamat-Ud-Dawa are some examples of the Islamic extremists who have been involved in terrorism not only within, but also outside the country. The world knows that Taliban, our previously patronized kids, have behaved like monsters and killed over 50,000 Pakistanis during last several years. They justified their every deadly attack as the reaction of the deaths of the “innocent Muslim women and children” in the US drones in Waziristan. Taliban`s brutality was not limited to only suicide attacks, it also comprised of beheading and playing football with the heads of the Pakistani soldiers.

But despite the brutal killings of over 160 Palestinian Muslims especially including children by the Israeli forces, no “retaliation” we have yet seen from them. No “Jihad” has yet been declared by the Pakistani “Strategic Assets”. The question is, why are Taliban and their sub-groups not showing their bloody “reactions” on the deaths of the innocent Palestinian kids in the same as they did on the deaths in Waziristan by Us drone attacks? Why don’t they go and shoot the Israeli soldiers just like they did the Hazara and Shia Muslims by making them stand up in one line? Are they afraid of attacking Israel?

Not only the Pakistani Taliban, but there are also other globally known groups and organizations including Al-Qaida, ISIS, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram which are busy in “Jihad” in the name of “defending Islam”, “protecting Muslims” or “enforcing Shariya”. These groups have themselves declared “Khilafat” (caliphate) in their under-controlled areas or cities. Recently, the display of military strength by ISIS in Iraq shocked not only the western world, but also the Muslim countries.

The question is, why don`t of any of the followers of Muslim “Khilafat” retaliate against the invading Israeli forces on the on-going genocide of the Palestinian Muslims? Why are they silent over it? Is their “Jihad” only against the Muslims of other sects who disagree with their brand of Islam?

It should be kept in mind that these were the same Islamic militant groups who, in the name of “Jihad”, had been violating the borders of Islamic countries without any hesitation. Then, why are all of them now showing so much respect for borders of the country which has even no legal and moral ground to exist in the world? More importantly, can the “Caliphs” (the leaders of the Muslims) sit at ease when the Muslims are in trouble? Are the dead bodies of the Palestinian women and children not requiring them to leave for Jihad by putting all excuses a side? Where are the self-declared “Caliphs” Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, Ameer-ul-Taliban and Ayman al-Zawahiri? Are they still sleeping?  Are they not now seeing the Last Prophet (PBUH) in their dreams worrying about the bloodshed of the Muslims in Ghaza?

To tell the truth, the way these so-called “Mujahedeen” groups have done brutality against the Muslims of different sects, has not only badly distorted the image of Islam to the world, but is also dividing the Muslim countries on sectarian and tribal grounds. They, instead of protecting the Muslims from the enemies, have themselves killed tens of thousands of Muslims by their own hands. How strange it looks that these Islamic groups declared Jihad and killed their own Muslim brothers, but when it is time to fight with the non-Muslim invading forces, they have refuted to go at Jihad against Israel saying “It is killing innocent civilians”. Do these people deserve to be called true “Mujahedeen” or “Soldiers of God”? Of course not! Shame on them and shame on the people who are still supporting them!

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