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Blowing up ones self is not Islam

Things are bad, they are turning worse, and they might as well be a state of chaos – but strangely, all this is done in a way extremely against the propagation of the religion in which name this anarchy is being spread. Islamic teachings and obligations, the reason radical forces hold accountable for their deeds, have seriously nothing to do with the actions of these extremist groups.

Suicide attacks are never an appropriate act according to the preaching of Islam. They are simply against the sermon, which is mostly misinterpreted and almost always wrongly disseminated. In a Muslim state every individual is allowed to practice his religion to the extent that non-Muslims can run wine house, and state will protect it.

Islam not only vows to allow every individual to practice his own belief but also provide security to him, not the other way around as religious clerics mislead nowadays. This subliminally makes it quite open for everyone to understand that who so ever is doing this in the name of Islam is twisting and deforming many things to strengthen his personal cause.
Common sense has it, how can it be an Islamic act to disrespect and destroy a mosque of any sect. If one has very basic knowledge of Islam he can never even think of blowing himself up at a religious gathering or procession. Any such act is clearly against the teachings of Islam, and has no connection what so ever with Islam. It’s the religion of peace, and anyone who intends to kill others in Islam’s name is any thong but a Muslim.To strengthen the above statement a reference can be given from Surah Hujraat verse 9, where it’s clearly said that a rebellion against the state can neither be rescued nor forgiven. He is a cancer to the state, and we all know very well how to cure cancer. Enough said…Gone are the days when Muslims were so acute in number that every individual had to take responsibility to defend the Islamic ideology and state, as we saw in Badr and Uhad battles. But when Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A.) became caliph the Muslim state had taken a more transformed state. Now there was a properly trained army and people paid taxes to run the army’s expense, which was entitled to provide them protection. This system prevails even now, our state has an army and it’s their job to fight against the terrorist or infidels, whatever you may call them.In recent months, the most destructive factor in Pakistan’s lawless condition is sectarian violence, which needs to be observed thoroughly before being addressed. All the sects have almost 95 percent principles and teachings in common, it’s just that 5 percent which differs a bit. If one can just focus on the huge 95 percent many issues will be solved automatically. It’s just how we look at things.
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