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Pakistanis are known for the craziness and courage they put up against any task given. But the momentum of this craziness gets lost when we stop believing in the fact that we are a nation. It is a live experience that how people gather here for a cause with a good intention but ends up by burning their own property, killing their own brothers and plundering their own land.

Recently, what added to my despair at this very similar situation was the disclosure of the fact that people are reaching IDP camps for the sake of money given, which is overwhelmingly exceeding the amount of IDPs of NWA. There and then, this act stamped this fact hard that we Pakistanis have lost nationalism. We are a bunch of people gathered in a territory where people have forgotten the meaning of humanity and selflessness.

According to statistics, the overall population of North Waziristan is not more than 4 lac and up till the IDP who have reached the camps have exceeded the amount of 8 to 9 lac. Everybody is reporting this amount, be it social media activist, TV Channels or newspaper. With every single addition, that demands for more help. But this exceeding amount unleashes the fact that people are coming to IDP camp in order to cash the situation i.e. to get the money being given to IDPs. This hilarious disclosure was tormenting for various reasons.

At this very moment, when we must donate generously, we are getting greedy to get somebody else’s right. We have lost national character of what Muslims are known for i.e. Esaar.  We are setting examples of national disharmony, getting selfishness letting the deserve ones deprived. This all situation is killing the emotions of caring and sharing from us. If such thinking is going to continue in our society, believe me, nobody will sacrifice anything in future.

There and then, I do not think that this is some fault of our leadership or politicians; this is something that comes from inside us. We individuals are responsible for this act. We must think for a moment that certain factors have already fragmented our society, let such acts does not create further agony around. It can be taken as a request that such things would only result in declaring this whole operation a failure, do not ruin the efforts of our country men. Let the share reaches to one who deserves, be an example to whom world could follow…!!

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