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Oh Poor Palestine

It’s been a long time since I had witnessed an action packed movie that mainly include blood rain, sprinkling bullets, demolishing houses, mourning children seeing their guardians into pieces, people crying, Army tanks on traffic tracks, air crafts with cutting edge skills and technologically sound bombings with aggressors claiming their power in the middle, but thanks to the Alien Government of Israel for saving my cinema ticket and doing this all on a real screen. The script, direction and villain’s dialogues etc. everything is superb but the only missing part is the HERO’s response. Unfortunately, from the beginning this movie doesn’t show any solid hero as all its previous sequels showed innocent public being butchered cruelly but the villain gets powerful as ever.

Also big thanks to UNO for being such a decent audience like the ones I witnessed in Finnkino Theatre Finland, who normally show little reaction to action sequences like these. What to do? Where to Go? Who to speak and where to condemn because by the time I opened my eyes, I am viewing these sequels getting even drastic, and off & on it reminds me of the rhyme that I wrote in my childhood which I am sharing with you all. Yes, you may find it little childish but trust me I do find US, France & Canada equally childish for whom loss of two towers (which is condemned too) is equal to destroy two countries but loss of many innocent lives in Palestine become act of defense for Israel. And don’t forget another silent audience comprises of middle east’ rulers, the zakat money of whom is an investment for so called sharia brand in Pakistan but no zakat for the voice of poor Palestinians. So, here comes a rhyme for these childish …..

Ohhh Palestine

The Sun Rises everywhere
Its light reaches everywhere
The season changes every year
But there exists a place where

Life is not soooo rare
Faces are full of fear
Every next day is a nightmare
What’s happening, who cares

Why in Palestine these things happen
Instead of toys, children see the weapons
Where is the Humanity? What is the lesson?
For this thirsty world of aggression

What a horrible wave of fright
O black, brown or people white
Cruelty has reached mountain’s height
I Ali disagree that “Might is Right”

UNO, have a glass of wine
As blood’s taste looks fine
But a sun of hope will shine
Oh Palestine! Oh Palestine!

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