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Zarb-e-Azb The Decision to Burn the Boats

Hispania (modern day Spain and Portugal) was ruled by King Roderic. Julian was a local Christian ruler whose daughter was raped by King Roderick. As revenge at that time he wrote to Calipah Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik to help him. Tariq Bin Ziyad the valiant Muslim general when reached Hispania with his only army of 7000 he came to know in front of him there is an army of 100,000 of Visigothic Kingdom to fight. Musa Bin Naseer governor at that time judged the situation and sent an additional 5000 reinforcements for the help of his general. Who is not familiar with Tariq Bin Ziyad historical words he said at that time “Burn the boats, Burn the boats” and addressed you have two choices. First is to fight with your enemy and be a martyrdom or Ghazi and second one is there is a sea behind you to jump for death .Except these you don’t have any other option. Then the course of history for the Muslims has been changed forever from this point. This 12,000 army tumbled the kingdom of Visigothic by defeating 100,000 and open the doors for Europe and started the new era of Muslim history.

Pakistan is in a peculiar situation of chaos, carnage, extremism, suicides and target killings more than a decade. We are passing through the situation when it is difficult to recognize who is our ally and opponent who is martyr or terrorist. Terrorists have even no religion or sympathy. They even didn’t spare to our children i.e children like  Aitzaz Hasan are sacrificing their lives to protect his school fellows from these evils , Polio workers are being killed, Quaid-e-Azam residency is being burnt ,Data Darbar ,  Mehran base , Karachi airport , massacre of Quetta Hazara community  and other prominent personalities and places. It’s the time of hour to take the right decision to recognize our enemy to save our country and generation from them.

Terrorists have left no other option for the Pakistani nation and Pakistani army to burn their boats. Pakistani nation for long time wait to bring these insurgents on one table to peacefully negotiate and solve any matters but all in vain. Peace is the basic ingredient required for an economy to flourish, where there is no peace there will be no entrepreneurship, no invention, and no infrastructural or economic developments. Pakistan army takes the right decision by starting operation Zarb-e-Azb against these insurgents.

IDPS in this need of hour should not be forget as they are the saviours of Pakistan. When India entered there army in Kashmir in 1947 after Maharaja announced the accession of Kashmir with India. Quaid-e-Azam ordered General Gracy to launch Pakistan army into Jammu and Kashmir to launch full scale war but he refused. At that time on request of Mr Jinnah these tribal’s left there everything and fought with India to secure today’s Azad Kashmir that’s why Quaid was a big advocate and admire of Tribal’s and often used  to say  there is no need to deploy our army on  our western  borders.

Pakistani nation in this combat is standing with its army hand to hand and shoulder to shoulder unless last culprit will be caught and hang to death. Even if its 1965 war,1992 world cup ,  2005  earthquake and 2010 floods  Pakistani nation is one. It’s the responsibility of Pakistani government and army to win the hearts of these tribal’s by fully supporting in their rehabilitation after operation.

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