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Speak up for Palestine, Speak up for Gaza!

More than a thousand air strikes carried out. 3250 civilians displaced. 350,000 people affected by damage done to water infrastructure. 512 houses destroyed. 121 killed. Over 680 Palestinians injured, two thirds of which are women and children but I guess what we find truly sad is how the Brazilian football fans cried after their team lost the semi-final to Germany on Tuesday.


 Humanity? Humanity was butchered the day the Israelis brought sofas, camping chairs and popcorn to hilltop in Sderot to watch Gaza burn and clap when the blasts were heard. Mercy was murdered the day they pointed guns at a three year old ‘terrorist’.


I gave it a serious thought. If the five year old kid tugging his father’s shirt trying to save him from Israeli soldiers was American, all hell would have broken loose. CNN would have exploded and the US president would have definitely not justified it as ‘Israel’s right to self-defense’.

How can you differentiate between the tears of Muslim mother and a non-Muslim one? How are the screams of Palestinian children any different from the American?And if slaughtering children and butchering women is ‘exercising your right to self-defense’ then I don’t want to live in this world for another minute, where children are terrorists and murderers are noble peace prize winners.


Oh and Israel, if you’re looking for some REAL terrorists to shoot down, you should know there’s one living in the Prime Minister house in Jerusalem, period

As I sit in my room typing this, Gaza continues to burn. Innocent children continue to die and women continue to be dragged on the streets. They talk about this thing called the ‘Muslim Ummah’. I wonder where it is right now…

The violence between Israel and Palestine has been going on for ages and instead of sitting, debating about ‘who started it’, it’s about time people started working for a solution, a permanent end to this madness. The UN needs to stop acting like a lifeless corpse and it’s about time the ‘Muslim Ummah’ showed up too. The Hamas need to stop. Israel needs to stop and the world needs a definition for the word ‘terrorist’. But until that happens, we must not stop raising our voices. Speak up for Palestine, speak up for Gaza!

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