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Black Magic: Darkening The Society!

Mera ilam chale ga saat samander paar sang dil mehboob ho ga ap ke paas.

Dolat hae, shohart hae, ager dil psand piyar ki shadi nahain to zindgi bekar hae !!!

Man pasand jegaah per shadi,shade me rokawaet,aolaad ka na hona, nokre ke talash, Muhabbat me nakame, bewi ka khawand per dheyaan na dena.

Nuri amliyat ka karishma har kam main heran kun kamyabi.

These lines must be sounding familiar to you and would have reminded you about the great Bengali Babas who have solutions of nearly all the problems of the world. The city is bombarded with such advertisement and it feels like that the only problems of masses today is the disturbed love or marriages, bearing a baby boy and having fair complexion. Are we just left with these issues in our lives and have nothing else to do? Are we actually so depressed that we can go to any extent to get our love and family related issues resolved, that too, through these Jaali-aamil babas?

I have heard numerous horrifying incidents, associated with these Jaali-Aamil babas and I am sure you all would have. Recently, one of the families I know lost one of their kids while Aamil Baba asked his junior to drive out Jin from the boy. During the process he gave him smoke that was so hard and it ended up taking the life of that boy. Another incident happened in Baldia town, where an Aamil Baba claimed that a two-year old girl had asraat on her. He gave ‘Dam kiya hua Pani ‘to make her drink. The baby died after drinking the water as it was poisonous. When the police arrested the fake Aamil Baba, he confessed that he had to give Bali of a living person to make his magic more powerful thus he chose that girl’s life.

I have actually come across few educated women as well who goes to these Aamil babas to get their family issues resolved. It is shocking to see that even education is not helping in getting right mind set for the people. Recently, a woman got divorced when his husband got to know that his wife used to visit an Aamil and as a course of treatment the Aamil used to hug women. The stories of these Bengali babas are never ending, raping ladies and making their videos then blackmailing them and their families. Asking fathers to kill his own son and bury him within the house to get rich are the real non-sense incidents that keep happening in each day in Pakistan.

It is understandable that the visitors of Aamil babas are highly depressed and are going through tough time but does it feel feasible to trust an unknown in such situations? I feel all of us face problems in some way in our life but consulting a third-unknown person rather than finding relevant ways out to get problems resolved is not an appropriate way to go.

In such incidents, I feel like who is to be blamed more? These jaali aamil babas who are known for befooling people or these people who themselves dig pit for themselves. It is we actually who are to be blamed. Ever wonder, why this fraudulent businesses is growing so tremendously in this part of the world? Why are we producing more Aamil babas than producing doctors, engineers, researchers or economists? It is all because of our weak belief and distorted mind sets. It is simple, they sell because we buy. The day we stop visiting these Aamils, they would start shutting down. For that we need not only to educate people but to make them realize how disastrous it could be for us and the society at large. People need to be made aware whether where should they consult when facing a problem. One such incident has a multiplier effect. It’s not only the one kid or a woman who gets affected; it’s the whole generation of them that gets to suffer psychologically, physically and monetarily too. Hundreds of such incidents happen each day that signifies how large the impact would be. We cannot just rely on government or police to get Aamil babas face their ends when we know at times these businesses are protected by the higher authorities as well.

When we have Babas with such fancy claims; it seems ironic why is our state suffering from severe crisis why cannot we take their help to get everything right? Nobody in this world can do things for us, what we can do for ourselves. A basic awareness that needs to spread here is what the real problems are? Not getting desired life partner, or a son, or fair complexion is not the end of this world. The world has much more important things to worry about.

An attempt need to be made towards strengthening our beliefs by making an effort to understand our religion through self-studying rather than merely relying on external and unauthentic sources of information. Another important thing which we lack as a society is the civic sense. Science is a part of this world; everyone knows it but does not understand it. Even today, if a person behaves abnormally we prefer taking him to a BABA/ spiritual doctors rather than showing up to the psychologist/doctor first. Visiting a psychologist tags a person to be perceived as ‘psycho’ thus it is a social taboo. We all together must make efforts towards eliminating these ridiculous social barriers that are leading us to finding some non-sense way outs to resolve our issues. We all can make a difference!

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