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A way to increase the efficiency of welfare organizations

Pakistan is facing an existential crisis right now, there is a total bureaucratic and administrative nightmare in the country . According to rough estimates almost 60-70% population lives under Rs 300 per day. That makes it almost Rs 9000 per month, keeping the inflationary rate in mind, it is almost impossible for them to live  like respectable citizen of the society. Keep in mind that Pakistan was created to be a welfare state but as of now there is no social security structure in the country. The pension plans only extend to government employees. There is absolutely no structure in the country to support the poor,impoverished,orphans and widows, at least not at the government level.

Luckily for Pakistani`s, Pakistan is ranked as the second most charitable nation of the world after U.S.A. The people do not expect the government to take care of their needs, therefore they rely on various Non Governmental Organizations. There are many well known welfare organizations of world repute working in Pakistan such as Edhi, Chiipa, Minhaj Welfare Organization, Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Welfare Organization, Sarim Burney Trust, Mehmooda Sultana Foundation, Aman Foundation etc.

All of these organizations are working to provide welfare to the people . I have a proposal which I would like to make here to improve the efficiency of all the welfare organizations.

This can be started from Karachi or any other city on a test basis.

Basically the idea is to get all the welfare organizations together.There won`t be any need to share the resources or funding information. The organizations need to come together only for operational purposes. The people who need to be reached can be divided according the quantum of help they need, lists can be prepared and then responsibility of the needy can be allocated to the welfare organizations according to their capacity. In this manner we can ensure that maximum number of people who need help are covered and their needs are taken care of.

Currently all the organizations are working according to their capacity in a haphazard manner.


They are all trying to help the needy with good intentions but there is almost no communication amongst the organizations. By establishing a platform where information can be shared and work allotted according to capacity, we can greatly enhance the efficiency of all the welfare organizations . Working on the principles of synergy the NGO`s can strike a welfare based social security system for the needy.

The best part is that this can be done without generating further funds. The existing funds are enough to carry out this task, the funds just need to be directed in a more organized manner.


This however is not a small task, it needs a voice, this task needs someone who can bring all the Welfare organizations on one page to take this step.

Awaiting response from those who think those whose voice can make a change.

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