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Altaf Hussain’s efforts to unite the nation

Over the course of years, MQM and Altaf Hussain has faced various criticism that they are limited to Urban Sindh, and perhaps they’re not an effective political party at national level. Despite this criticism, being the 4th largest party at national level and 2nd largest at provincial level MQM didn’t held itself back, and went over and beyond its realm to full-fill all of the promises it made in its manifesto.

With the 6th July occurrence, massive public gathering held in support of operation Zarb-E-Azb, MQM proved that it is capable of achieving any task. In an unprecedented step, they were able to gather a crowd of over 250,000 peoples (estimated), during steadfast days of the holy month of Ramadan, in Karachi’s heat.  As well as, create a collective consensus and gather representative of almost all of regional and national political parties, representing government and opposition to voice their opinion in support of our Armed Forces.

From Day 1, MQM and Altaf Hussain’s stance has been clear against Talibanization, and has had no shortcoming of words in support of our troops and 50,000 plus innocent citizens who lost their life within the past decade. In fact, a military operation to eradicate terrorism was one of MQM’s long standing demands.

Despite every attempt to curb MQM’s flight, and divert them from full-filling there due role at national level, MQM has always risen to occasion and became a beacon of light for others to rally behind. Every year MQM prepares an effective shadow budget and presents it to government officials as its suggestion to incorporate it into upcoming budget. Although, it’s not required for an opposition party to do such, but MQM takes it upon its self to achieve this task, along with numerous draft proposals and bills on various policy matters.

Since, so much work is put-forth by its constitutional experts and parliamentarians, it hardly goes unnoticed. Within the recent year, MQM was thanked for its suggestion provided in recent Fiscal Budget, and Counter Terrorism Policy by government officials in National Assembly. Meanwhile, in Provincial Assembly, MQM’s law makers were forced by habit as they known to be righteousness, when they drew criticism from collation partners for conducting opposition, while sitting on treasury benches. Despite being low in numbers to achieve provincial majority, they didn’t allow the government to introduce the faulty local government act which violated basic fundamental rights, and when to Supreme Court and had it repealed.

In a time, when other political parties are creating confusion and further divide within the general public, the uniformity and consistency show by MQM and its leadership on such national issues has compelled me to say that, Mr. Altaf Hussain is indeed the face of political maturity, magnanimity and malleability. His leadership has successfully filled the void the country lacked, Pakistan is united against terrorism and fully and wholeheartedly stands behind our troops.

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