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Zarb.e.Azb and Baseless Criticism

Many fake news circulating media about operation in North Waziristan. Few news channels portraying that civilian casualties are more than the killings of militants, Pak Air Jets have just demolished houses, none of the terrorists are there, The Key commanders have already fled to Kunar & Khost provinces of Afghanistan and just civilians are left in that area. ISPR giving fake news about the operation and misleading the nation to hide their incompetency.

I never understood why people spread such news when they know that this can have bad impact on the public view about the operation. Before the operation was started every channel was shouting why the Army is not taking action, why they are delaying any kind hit hard policy, why they are not getting serious around the security measures and so so and when the operation was started all of them turned their guns towards the Army and started saying militants are not there only civilians are getting killed through the Air Strikes. So far 19 soldiers embraced shahdat and 20+ got injured if there are just civilians, then who is attacking our soldiers?

I question why they don’t support this operation when they know that after the completion of this operation, development projects will follow so that our IDP brothers and sisters who left their homes will get a fearless life. There’ll be no Terrorism and militancy in those areas, everybody will be free to move around. Nobody can kill them in the name of Islam. #TTP has become a mindset that has to be changed, that’s why after South Waziristan Agency operation Pak Army opened several schools and other institutions where kids are getting educated for a better life. Going for the operation was a tough decision as everybody knew about the IDPs but our nation supported Pak Army and FATA disaster management authority which are playing a key role in helping IDPs. Camps, established by Pak Army and other NGOs collect relief goods.

During the distribution of goods our team members asked several locals about their views and all of them were supporting this operation. Their views matter a lot because they are the concerned person directly involved in this operation. According to a local tribal leader TTP are still hiding in small hideouts in the mountains, but he was satisfied with the strategy of Army as they were not sparing a single TTP alive out there. In the start there were a few difficulties in handling IDPs but with the passing of time all were well addressed by Pak Army

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