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God bless America

God bless America, Protector of the weak, Liberator of the oppressed. Wherever the indigenous is tyrannized the US of A flies to its aid. Wherever the heathen may lurk, Uncle Tom will be there to exorcise it, he will always be ready to bleed red white and blue (especially if there’s oil). Here we shall examine briefly some of the countries ‘Murica brought democracy and equality to, the cause and effect.

Ukraine, once a part of the immense Soviet Empire is now on the brink of Civil war. The Media would have you think that Russia is the bad guy but the Russian Bear could remain passive for only so long; It quietly examined as the US played chess in the Middle East, toppling government after government bringing ‘democracy’ via the Arab Spring to the Middle East but paid little mind to it as it was far away from its borders and it had its own problems to deal with. Then Uncle Tom took things a little too far when he poked his big hat in Ukraine by supporting and secretly organizing the ‘Euromaiden Protests’ which ultimately led to the self-imposed exile of the Ukrainian President. This created too much noise and thus awoke the Russian giant which had gone into hibernation after the Soviet-Afghan war humiliation; Crimea was annexed within weeks. The winter Olympics are long over but the game for Eastern Ukraine is on as reports come in that Russian tanks have been sighted within the Eastern border. Although there’s a temporary cessation of hostilities but this is only a calm before the storm, things will get a lot worse before they get better. One can’t help but think that this is all a direct corollary of America’s actions and foreign policy.

The people of Iraq were maltreated by a Sunni majority Ba’ath party( Which was ironically brought to power by a US powered coup in 1963) headed by the usurper Saddam Hussein who had great distaste for his Shia and Kurd brethren, furthermore he had the nerve to produce ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’, to add to all that Iraq was sitting on one of the biggest oil reserves in the ME. It was in dire need of democracy! At least that’s what we were told, today Iraqis believe that Iraq had never been more stable than under Saddam’s reign and sectarian violence was non-existant during his time. Today after nearly 2 decades of ‘Mission Accomplished’, flushing trillions down the drain and 500,000 deaths without any sign of those so called WMDs a new threat has arisen. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) is more brutal than the Taliban and are now wealthier than Al-Qaeda; which had $30 million a year operating budget which is nothing compared to $500 million which ISIS now controls. They now pose a big threat to the very existence of Iraq. They advance onto the gates of Baghdad with and only a demoralized Iraqi military along with small fraction of Iran’s Quds Force to stop them; this will only lead to a bloodbath, a stalemate similar to the one seen in Syria today. All this is a direct corollary of American policies, how you may ask? It was Saddam’s strict and somewhat tyrannical policies which had held Iraq together. Without the Ba’ath party and under the so called democratically elected Iraqi government the sectarian gap only widened which has now led to an all-out rebellion which threatens the very existence of Iraq as a state. God bless ‘Murica!

We claim to be an evolved race yet we find pleasure in the most primitive of emotions; emotions like revenge. After millions of years of evolution we still believe in things such as vengeance. A nation in the West claims to one of the most evolved and civilized nation yet it answered the deaths of 3,000 of its own by killing tens of thousands of a nation which wasn’t even responsible for the attack on their soil. As the years pass, more and more evidence comes to light which supports a theory long shunned by desi liberals for years; 9/11 was orchestrated by the government of the United States of America to justify an invasion of Afghanistan, boys will be boys I reckon, boys like guns and they love their wars. Now after destabilizing the entire region Uncle Tom intends to hand over a fragile nation in the hands of a broken government, with the Taliban as much alive as they were 10 years ago. The only thing that has changed for Afghanistan is that the amount of opium (which became almost extinct during the Taliban era) it produces every year has greatly increased. What did America gain from this war?

In short, War is good for business. In 2011 alone, the most recent year from which full statistics are available, the United States entered into arms sales agreements worth an astounding 78% of the world market. This is why ‘Murica is so keen on delivering democracy and liberating the world of all sorts of tyranny, it needs a steady supply of wars to keep the wheels turning and to keep the money coming in. This ladies and gentlemen is disaster capitalism at its finest; when you have the supply, all that’s left is to create the demand.

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