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MQM on Zarb-e-Azb: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement Throws Its Support behind Army Operation

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a prominent political party which is known for staging large protests and rallies, has ensured its full support for the Pakistan Army on the launch of Operation Zarb e Azb. It is a military operation staged to take out the armed insurgent groups which have disrupted the peace of the entire country.

Along with the general populace, MQM is the first political party which came forward to back up the Army for taking stand against the terrorists. The militant groups which are  disrupting law and order in Pakistan. MQM stated that it was high time that the Government change their stance of negotiations with the Tehreek e Taliban, to finally bring them down.

The chief of the MQM, Altaf Hussain, praised the Pakistan Army for putting their lives on the line to restore peace in the country. In his speeches the MQM head announced a solidarity rally in Karachi on the 6th of July, calling it a ‘Historic gathering. This is for appealing people from all backgrounds to come together and show the Pakistan Army that they stand behind them as they fight the toughest war in the nations history.

With the 6th of July just around the corner, the Raabta Committee of MQM is busy making preparations for the huge rally, putting aside their routine tasks. In the past, their rallies have always gathered flocks of people, which gather when their ‘Quaidasks them to. This time, even larger crowd is expected at the solidarity rally, as every man, woman and child hope for the victory of Pakistan Army and the restoration of peace.

As the soldiers are at war with the biggest threat to our country, the MQM has taken a positive step in uniting the nation. This rally is to endorse the Operation Zarb e Azb which is to eradicate militants from the country. One can only hope that the rally proves to be a success and the Pakistan Army overpowers and eliminates the enemy once and for all!

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