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Let’s defend with unity now !

Another September 06 passed and like every year, we all recalled and celebrated the martyrdom and priceless sacrifice of our true-national heroes. This has been a tradition for years since the year 1965. We celebrate and forget even the very next day all the spirits that this day has carried with it. In this long period of time after the war, we could never try as a nation to think, realize and incorporate those spirits that actually our brave soldiers had left to us while fighting against the greater enemy.

Yes, I intend nothing else to talk about here than the unity and brotherhood that our country has had once. Our elders still tell us that apart from the militarily bravery that Pakistan had shown in the 1965 war, it was our unity and brotherhood and spirit of sacrifice that we Pakistani stood together against India and won too. In those days, we were not divided in sects and groups rather we were only Pakistani and we had recognized our one and only identity to defend our homeland.  If our soldiers were filled with the spirit of martyrdom fighting at the boarders so we Pakistani were united and filled with the spirit of brotherhood in the neighborhoods’ streets. People had witnessed it that despite the war time there was not any fear either on the face of people or on the streets. Even a very young kid was filled with the spirit of martyrdom and to do anything to benefit his country.

It’s not a fictional story to narrate for an amusement purpose alone, it is our real story. This is a story of unity, sacrifice, and brotherhood that had made us successful to stand and win against a greater enemy. The reasons, why? So it’s so simple at that time we were not running or rather say killing each other in the name of provincial, ethnical or sectarian cause. Rather we had the beauty of brotherhood that had transcended our all reductioned identities.  There was not any extremism in our society to kill or bomb others just because that other person has another to worship rather we prayed for our survival in our own different ways but being united. We had the unifying- respect for each other, for our sects, beliefs and ethnic backgrounds.

Unfortunately today, we have lost all kinds of spirits as a nation, respect, brotherhood and unity so we are at the verge of deterioration without fighting a real enemy in front of us. We very easily recognize the enemy in form a hostile neighboring country but we almost are oblivion towards the lethal decaying strokes that our sectarian, ethnic and other types of division give us incessantly. The today’s story is vice-versa, we actually have no war against any country but it seems that we are always at war particularly living in Karachi. Anytime and any moment a war like situation can be created and the clouds of fear covers this city. Our neighborhoods and streets are no longer a sign of unity but showing division of all sorts. Our kids are helpless most in this chaotic situation since they have no avenue to go in peacefully.

Let’s be hopeful and realize now that it is again a time to defend our homeland and this time not fighting against an enemy but to our own division. We still can have the spirits that our brave martyrs and definitely people at that era had shown. And we need the same enthusiasm that made Pakistan to glow with the silver-like-beauty of unity from Karachi to Khyber. Now, it is the crucial time to educate our kids also with the message of one identify that is Pakistani, no matter what other identities do we carry with us. The unity is the only hope to survive and bring prosperity to our county. Remember! Our brave soldiers died for our survival and Pakistan so why we can not just leave our personal grudges and grievances for Pakistan. If our country is in peril just because of our division so this is our responsibility to spread the message of unity among each other. We have the all possible and best medium to convey our thoughts better than ever before-social media. It can be used to have spread the awareness of unity and one identity. Time is still in our hands and it still gives us an opportunity to re-unite. We Pakistani still have potential to be united. The only thing is the first step and the journey begins. Let’s promise ourselves today that we will defend our Pakistan with unity and brotherhood against all the division that we have in our society.

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