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Show of Solidarity not Anarchy needed for our Pakistan Army

What is patriotism ? Is it just wearing a Green shirt , waving a flag and playing a song in a rally or a national day? Is it just giving statements challenging our enemies both foreign and domestic? Is it just limited to abusing India on Kashmir or is it just more than a rhetoric? When I look around at many so called Pakistani patriots especially under the skin of some politicians with a beard on their face or in their stomach; I remember Samuel Johnson’s famous lines that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Did I name any one such ? No, but if some is only they would know.

For me patriotism is that whenever the nation calls . You pack up your bags and head towards the enemy . Without thinking of your family or commitments. You just run in the line of fire in the face of the enemy. Patriotism for me is that when your nation or its sons need you. You leave aside all ethnicities, sectarianism or religion . You stand shoulder to shoulder to fight the enemy. In WWII not all Americans landed at Normandy. But those who ensured those landings by working in many ammunition factories day in and out where equally patriots. The American victory in WWII was not only attributed to its brave sons but as well of the many thousands who gave them unlimited supplies during those times. The whole nation worked towards one goal and that is to win the war.

Now lets look around us and see how many are true patriots. We are at war. Its Ramazan and I doubt that it would end any time soon though I wish that I am wrong but I see that the current operation in the North Waziristan is the beginning of a long sincere struggle. As many terrorists like in 2008 would have trickled into other cities. We all know that even without which they have strong holds in Karachi , Baluchistan and Southern Punjab. The job would not end in Waziristan infact it’s a beginning . Late though and as recently retired Maj Gen Athar Abbas the former spokesperson of Pakistan Army said that this could have happened three years ago but nevertheless it started. So its Ramazan our men fight against the terrorists. Willingly standing in the line of fire. How many so called patriots stand with them at this point?

We can have long cribbing sessions in rallies like those in Bhawalpur . Crying on rigging and crying on threats to IDP. But for some one who thinks ( Imran Khan) that he should become the Prime Minister of the country . Not ushering a single word for our soldiers fighting against the Talibans is ironic and highly deplorable. All the more reason that someone like him should have no room in politics as I feel that because of his cheap political antics. Our army and political leadership could not take any decisive action against Talibans all this time, We know that in KPK & Karachi; the pro Taliban vote went to Imran and in Punjab the pro Taliban vote went to PMLN . If I am wrong than in all those areas where there is no Pro Taliban support how come none of these parties garnered any votes ? Well I fully condemn Imran Khan of not condemning the Talibans and not coming out with a clean policy on our Army Jawans being martyred. This two faced and hypocritical politics should end.

We talk about Tsunamis etc in those times whilst we need financial stability for the nation so that our Pakistan Army which is in the long haul keeps on getting the supplies and can keep their operations bank rolled. Though I feel that our Police is of no good at all since they are a corrupt bunch but even then we need them to do their job. The only decision we should enforce on them is that if they don’t then they should be shown the door.

I am not at all saying that there should be no check and balance on the government and especially when it is a Nawaz Sharif government but constitutional measures should be adopted by the opposition to keep the check instead whilst protests and other measures are their civil rights but threatening the derailment of government for your unfulfilled dream is not justifiable at all. Though I feel that Pakistan Protection Ordinance is a defacto Civil Emergency Law as it is indefinite. But we would discuss this in detail in a later writing. Infact when you see such a leader chanting democracy and playing the tune of Naya Pakistan etc . He forgets that unless and until you do not weed out the cancer of Talibanisation. There could be none. But than how would he denounce them since he took their votes and has to govern the province infested .

Its sad to see that not many parties are taking out rallies for the nation and Pakistan Army. Its sad to see that our media channels (most of them) are chiding all issues but keeping quiet on the war mostly . Maybe out of fear as Taliban showed one trailer in KPK when they attacked one journalist’s home. Or maybe because they want to keep neutral . Or may be they do not want to anger the Pro Taliban parties of the country one of which rule Punjab and the other one in KPK. What ever the case ; we see minimal support for our fighting Jawans who are reddening the mud of our motherland everyday. No word on their families plight or their children or their survivors. They (media) should take a page from the Indian media during Kargil . How they commended their martyrs? Later even honoring them with a movie. It looks like the only one who is worried about playing a positive image about our Army and that too ironically is only ISPR and no one else.

Its good to see that MQM’s leadership under Altaf Hussein who has time and again been branded as a traitor (including his party) in different times by opposition, by media and some more is now bringing out a large rally in the support of our Pakistan Army and their fighting Jawans . The second or so in the last couple of months. With all the men they have lost to Talibans or otherwise. Instead of taking out a rally to destabilize the country . They are taking out one to unite it. I am hoping to see that if former President Gen Pervez Musharraf would grace the rally with his presence. Someone who was sincere and fought genuinely against the terrorists and was a true patriot.

Whilst MQM is snubbing its detractors by going out on a limb to take out this rally with all the threats that loom in Karachi. Whilst patriotic leaders look to join hands like Former President Gen Pervez Musharraf, Sheikh Rasheed , Islamic parties for whom Pakistan is first and many more. Its sad to see that those who have benefitted the most from Pakistan in the past in terms of glory and money are keeping quiet or trying to be neutral at this time of need to stand shoulder with our country.

The problem is that if Imran Khan was not a Captain ; he would not play or if he plays he would do it with dissent. History has evidence of which that how he created a coup against Javed Miandad due to his uncles being in cricket and his lobby was strong. He do not want to do politics unless and until he is the Prime Minister,. When he fell before May 11th 2013. It looks like that not only he fell from a height but in my view fell off his ambition or lets say Obsession ( for those who remember his speech of 92 where he forget that there were others who also helped win the world cup) .

Anyways I hope that the July 6th rally is successful. I hope millions of people attend it to show their solidarity. I hope many parties attend and unite against the evil of Talibans. I hope Gen Pervez Musharraf also address the rally in person. I hope that our sons, our men or our heroes fighting off at the front should feel after this that they are not fighting in vain in a thankless war. But they are fighting for the posterity of their nation. There are millions who are on their side today. I wish they with this belief win this war for Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!

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